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Toxic and Hazardous Substances

An interactive and engaging online course on Toxic and Hazardous Substances for employees.

Course overview

Anyone likely to come into contact with hazardous substances, including flammable or explosive substances, will benefit from this dynamic course. We review OSHA regulations and how they protect people at work.  

 You will explore how people can be exposed to hazardous substances and what you need to do to comply with the regulations. The different categories of hazardous substances, their impact, their warning symbols and appropriate control measures are brought to life with quizzes, questions and an exploration of different workplaces. 

* This eLearning only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organization.

The benefits of choosing off-the-shelf eLearning

  • Fun, accessible, and interactive online training
  • Customize courses to fit your brand
  • Up to 100 languages available
  • Free eBook to boost knowledge retention and support real-time implementation
  • Learn on-the-go with mobile-friendly courses
  • Add your own content; policies, procedures, PDF, videos, and more

This course covers

  • Find out about toxic and hazardous substances regulations and how they protect you 
  • Identify the impact hazardous substances can have and the different precautions each kind needs 
  • Explore what you can do to protect yourself and your coworkers 

Course details

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Any employees who may come into contact with any hazardous substances.

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16 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

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eBook Available