Cyber Security and Phishing

Cyber Security and Phishing

Cyber security and phishing are increasingly hot topics in the workplace. With more employees working from home than ever before, it is crucial for everyone to understand and take responsibility for their own cyber security.

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This course explores:

  • What cyber security is and why it is necessary
  • How to stay alert to cyberthreats
  • Increase awareness and confidence should they encounter a cyberthreat
  • How to protect personal information from cyberattacks using best practice methods
  • How to set strong passwords and keep them safe and secure
  • What is phishing and how to recognise the signs of suspicious activity
  • The different types of phishing and who might be targeted
  • How to spot potential phishing scams and reduce the risk of becoming a victim

Course details


Cyber Security - 30 minsPhishing - 10 mins