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Information Security

An interactive and engaging online course on information security for employees.

How it works

Information is a business asset like any other. It has a value and must be protected. Using a range of typical scenarios and challenging interactions, this course is packed with practical tips and checklists to protect the organisation’s information assets and help learners work with information safely and confidently.

To make information secure, we have to ensure three things:

Confidentiality – This means it must be accessed only by individuals and organisations who are authorised to see it.

Integrity – we must make sure it is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We also have to make sure that the ways we do this has integrity too.

Availability – it must be accessible where and when it’s needed.

Your employees will gain confidence handling data by working through different scenarios and multiple choice questions.

The benefits of choosing off-the-shelf eLearning

  • Fun, accessible, and interactive online training
  • Customise courses to fit your brand
  • Up to 100 languages available
  • Free eBook to boost knowledge retention and support real-time implementation
  • Learn on-the-go with mobile-friendly courses
  • Add your own content; policies, procedures, PDF, videos, and more
  • CPD, RoSPA, IATP, and ECSC assured

This course covers

  • The definitions of information security, confidentiality and integrity
  • The main pieces of legislation that affects information security at work
  • How to control access to information with strong passwords
  • Best practice to manage information securely
  • How to use the internet responsibly at work
  • How to use email effectively
  • Being alert for viruses and other malware
  • Working on mobile devices securely

Course details

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All staff who work with computers or mobile devices,

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38 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

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eBook Available