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Empower and upskill your people with powerful eLearning

Tailor eLearning to fit your learners’ needs. Whether you prefer off-the-shelf  courses or custom learning experiences, we have the ideal solution for you.

Relevant experiences

Choose from over 250 scenario-based and interactive courses to ensure your teams stay up to speed with the latest legislation, regulations, and essential business skills and know how to look after their well-being. Continually updated and refreshed, keep your teams engaged in their learning.

Learning for everyone

Our learning experiences are designed to engage all learners, no matter their access needs, with real-life scenarios, interactivity, humour and storytelling. The controls live with the learner.

eLearning experiences

Dynamic courses designed for your learners. Transform your learning experiences with a custom and unique perspective that fits your learners and company exactly right.

Keep track of it all with our LMS

Whether you are using our courses, third-party courses, or custom designed learning experiences, you’ll want to keep track of learner progress. Consider our learning management system, Learn, to do it all for you.

  • Track learner progress
  • See results in custom dashboards and reports
  • Leverage prompts to get learning done on time
  • Bring managers into the learning process
  • And so much more

Guest Obsession

Guest Obsession has become such a powerful brand here at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, our employees know what is expected of them and have been empowered through the learning materials. Despite an extremely challenging season with record crowd volume and staffing shortages, our Resort has seen its Top Box Customer Service KPI and NPS rise.” – Zoe Fearnley, Project Lead, LEGOLAND.  

Frequently asked questions

What is eLearning?

eLearning, a phrase first used in 1999 can be defined as “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet.” Often used collectively with phrases like “online learning” and “virtual learning”, eLearning usually involves the use of digital resources, utilising interactive content and online platforms to help facilitate learning outside of a traditional setting.

It’s the use of a digital platform that makes it simple for users to learn anywhere, being able to access learning materials and courses on their own devices at any time. Our learner survey shows that half of learners find it easier to fit eLearning into their working day.

Why eLearning is important?

While the term eLearning has been used for over 20 years, we’ve seen huge shifts in the eLearning industry, with the market growing by over 900% since 2000. Since the pandemic, over 30% of the UK workforce are working remotely, with 24% taking part in a hybrid model, making it harder to deploy conventional learning methods. eLearning has never been more important to ensure the constant professional development of workers.

eLearning can also help businesses save money. Long gone are the days of having to figure out the cost of bringing team members to a venue in order to host training sessions. With eLearning, all of your courses can be readily available on a digital device to be accessed when required.

eLearning can allow users to participate in courses and engage with activities at their own pace with the benefit of doing so remotely. For an organisation, eLearning can also act as an effective way to roll out compulsory training courses that may be important to an employee’s role.

How effective is eLearning?

eLearning can be highly effective when designed and implemented well. Employees are more likely to engage with training courses online than in a traditional setting as it requires around 50% less learning time.

eLearning can also help boost self-led learning with 60% of learners driving their own development. Professional development is vital to building a motivated workforce, with 94% of employees stating that they would stay longer at a company that was actively investing in their development.

What is bespoke content?

Bespoke content is a type of content that is created specifically for a particular company, group, or learner. Bespoke learning experiences are different than “off-the-shelf” courses which are widely available to everyone and meet a wide range of requirements. Bespoke content is, instead, tailored to the specific needs and interests, values and policies, challenges and nuisances of a group.

What is "off-the-shelf" content?

By using off-the-shelf training content, companies can tap into a wider range of subjects and subject matter expertise. This content does not need to be created in-house (which can take months) and is “ready to go” at the moment of need. Kallidus produces off-the-shelf courses to meet the vast needs of our customers and ensures that the learning experiences are accessible, scenario-based, and interactive to drive learner interest and engagement.

Dynamic courses designed for your learners

Animated icon of a checklist framed in a laptop

Satisfy Compliance

Ensure your teams stay up to speed with the latest legislation, regulations and essential business skills.

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Focused Learning

Empower learners to take responsibility for their learning and career progression.

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Unique eLearning experiences

Link learning experiences to business goals and transform how your learners think, feel and behave.

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Bespoke digital learning

Work with our award-winning team to create learning that solves your unique challenges.

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Improved Learning Retention

Contribute to better retention and engagement of learning to our course refreshers.

“We’re constantly improving and listening to what customers need, so we really know what works for learners.” 

–  Jackie Finlay, Head of Off-The-Shelf Learning 

Don’t just take our word for it.