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Drive learner engagement through smart learning design

Not all learners are motivated by the same things. However, our scenario-led, interactive learning experiences drive behavior change for learners at all stages and phases. Connect with Kallidus and you’ll connect with your learners. Let’s work together.

Why choose Kallidus for off-the-shelf courses?

Our off-the-shelf (OTS) content is your top shelf choice for learning experiences.

Blue icon demonstrating Kallidus platform integration with Workday


A promise as much as a design standard. Kallidus eLearning is inclusive, accessible and mobile-friendly for all learners.

Black icon of an accreditation


While we promise an anything but standard experience with our courses, we promise to comply with industry standards.

Blue develop the best people icon


Kallidus keeps up with the needs by listening to what our customers want. Our catalog is always expanding with relevant content.

Blue compliance icon


Hundreds of languages are just a click away with Kallidus eLearning. Choose, click, communicate.

Blue user friendly icon

Custom to you

Own your learning. That’s what we ask our learners to do and why we want your brand to shine through our content too. Own it!

3 ways to browse our course list

Sometimes you need to search courses; sometimes you need to share courses. Use our interactive course catalog to search and filter our course list to find exactly what you need. Or, share a link to our comprehensive course list.

Accessible learning for everyone

Our learning experiences are designed to engage all learners no matter their access needs with real-life scenarios, interactivity, humor and storytelling. The controls live with the learner.

  • Add Audio and closed captions
  • Choose their own theme and language
  • Control the speed of the courses
  • Slow down or replay sections
  • Test to develop self-awareness and build knowledge
  • Track progress and plan development paths

Ask for examples!

Innovative content and formats to keep your team members in-the-know

Whether your team members are are looking for must-have technical tips or wanting to be more deeply invested in a particular theory, Kallidus has the content and the formats that serve your learners best.

Podcast Learning

Listen and learn while you run, commute, or cook a meal. Learning on the go is the way to go and Kallidus makes sure to feed your learning appetite with the best in podcast content.

Technical Training

The tips and tricks you can learn by taking a Microsoft training course could save you tons of time and make your learners more productive than ever before.

Blue bespoke eLearning icon

Make it custom

Support any and all of your course libraries with custom content that fits your company needs uniquely. Ask about how we can design for you a perfect learning fit.

Relevant experiences

Ensure your teams stay up to speed with the latest legislation, regulations, and essential business skills, and know how to look after their wellbeing. Kallidus offers hundreds of courses with more in the works to keep your workforce ready for anything and everything.

  • Hundreds of courses
  • Scenario-based, interactive experiences for all
  • New and refreshed content always in the works
  • Supported curation by our expert team

Easy translation

Learners can take courses in their preferred language, making content more digestible and easier to understand.

  • 100+ languages to choose from
  • Integrated language translation
  • Course text transcript available with a single click
  • Fully localized translations also available

Custom to you

Create courses that fit your brand, include your company policies and create new content with our Course Editor.

  • Add your company logo and colors
  • Personalize with your own graphics and text
  • Embed your own documents
  • Add links to videos and online content
  • In-house customization service to create new content tailored to your needs

More reasons to choose Kallidus

Blue icon signifying eBook offerings from Kallidus


Interactive eBooks boost knowledge retention and provide long-term support.

Blue icon demonstrating that Kallidus OTS courses are mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Learners can take courses on mobile devices as well as on desktop.

Blue icon demonstrating the accreditations offered by Kallidus courses

Annual refreshers

Test through content you already know with annual refreshers and assessments.

Blue icon displaying the tests feature of OTS courses


Post-course tests ensure learners have understood the course content, and they receive a printable certificate once passed.

Blue icon demonstrating remote updates of the courses offered by Kallidus

Remote updates

Automatic updates are made remotely to keep content up-to-date with latest legislation and examples.

Blue icon of a cloud based system

LMS or cloud based

You can use your existing LMS, Kallidus’ LMS, Learn, or cloud based.

Looking for a comprehensive list of Kallidus off-the-shelf courses?

Click the button below to see a full list of courses. Print to a PDF or to your printer to share with others on your team.