onboarding processes

Give new starters an incredible onboarding experience. Automate your tasks and workflows to reduce manual admin.

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Give new hires a warm welcome

Introduce new hires to your company, culture and team before they even start! Eliminate manual admin, data duplication and things being missed with employee onboarding software.

Create the perfect onboarding experience

Sapling’s preboarding portal engages your new hires from before day one, reducing drop-off and ensuring you get those perfect candidates in the right roles.

  • Introduce new hires to your culture and their team before they start
  • Provide access to update their profile
  • Ensure they’re set up for success before day one

it only takes 60 seconds - or a minute if you haven't got that long :)

Choose a time-saving onboarding system

Find an onboarding system to start impressing your new people before day one, download the brochure today.

Forget the features – and focus on the benefits

Getting people onboarded faster reduces their time to productivity and improves performance.

Run repeatable processes

Designed with onboarding in mind, its ability to automate and streamline core HR tasks means the onboarding process only takes minutes, freeing your people team up to look after your people!

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Laptop showing the 'add a new hire' screen in Sapling HRIS

Collect better data

When integrated with our ATS, all candidate information flows straight into Sapling without the manual hours, removing any risk of human error!

You can even data sync with your payroll and integrate with communication applications such as Slack.


Mobile phone showing the current vacancies screen in Recruit ATS

Full visibility of the employee lifecycle

Create countless customised dashboards to provide insights tailored to your needs.

  • Get high-level visibility of your onboarding pipeline
  • Stay on top of cross-functional tasks
  • Deep dive into individual progress with the click of a button
  • Track manager/new starter check-ins
  • Manage audit trails for all changes
Tablet showing a headcount report in Sapling HRIS

Versapay rapidly scaled their workforce with Sapling

Versapay chose Kallidus’ employee onboarding software, Sapling, because it was a perfect fit for their team’s current and future needs.