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Recruit better people faster with Recruit ATS

Streamline your recruitment process with a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System, Recruit ATS. With easy views of candidate progress from application to offer, hiring managers have complete control – whether recruiting one person or a whole team.

Recruit ATS. What is it?

Attract, hire, and retain top talent with our Applicant Tracking System. Make your entire recruitment process seamless for you and your candidates.

Recruitment that just works

Quickly and easily screen and rate applications, share feedback with colleagues, schedule interviews and automate rejections.

  • End-to-end-recruitment
  • Identify future talent
  • Hire at scale
  • Empower Hiring Managers
  • Onboard with ease
  • Report for success

Quick, easy and brilliant!

Recruit better people

How did Sitel revolutionise their people processes?

How did the team at Sitel save £24,397 a year in operation costs, and wave goodbye to all bottlenecks whilst automating all of their recruitment processes?

See what we can do!

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Choose a time-saving ATS

Find a smart applicant tracking system that empowers your managers, as well as your HR team – download the brochure today.

See the benefits of an ATS

Engage your teams with a seamless recruitment process and a first-class onboarding experience.

Automation saves time

  • Bulk email and SMS delivery for candidate engagement campaigns
  • Organise candidates en-masse for volume campaigns
  • Add candidates to your talent pool for future roles
  • Optional killer questions during application stage
  • Automated emails for approval/rejection

Speak to an expert. Save time. What's not to like?

Laptop showing a screen of where applicants are in the recruitment cycle

Improve candidate experience

  • Careers portal designed for mobile
  • Intelligent job alerts
  • Email and SMS integration
  • Self-scheduled interviews
Laptop showing the management vacancies dashboard

A seamless experience for hiring managers

  • Dedicated mobile hiring manager portal
  • Full requisition and approval process management
  • Visibility of candidate progress
  • Candidate screening
A manager shaking a new recruits hand after a successful interview

Deliver a great onboarding experience

  • Right to work and background screening checks
  • Auto-generate MS Word and PDF documents and contracts
  • Customisable onboarding platform for candidates
  • Email campaign management
  • Learn LMS integration for pre-start eLearning
Decorative image of Sapling HRIS on mobile

Full visibility of your recruitment analytics

  • Candidate Source Tracking
  • Instant Dashboard Reporting
  • Full in-depth analytics suite
  • Report on any field in Recruit ATS
Tablet sowing the recruitment reporting dashboard

Easily manage your agencies

  • Unique agency management portal
  • Agency cost tracking
  • Fully manage your Preferred Supplier List
  • Offer roles to agencies at the click of a button
Two colleagues discussing different tasks during a meeting

Frequently asked questions

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software for recruiters and hiring managers to manage and track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process. Every organisation is unique, but each one thrives on attracting, hiring, and maximising top talent. However, this can be a challenge for many businesses.

What can an ATS do?

An ATS simplifies the recruiting process by using automation to screen for the best, most qualified candidates. Since open positions can attract large quantities of candidates without the necessary qualifications, this saves companies and recruiters time that would otherwise be spent manually sorting through these candidates. An ATS tracks the entire recruitment lifecycle, from job posting to scheduling interviews, to onboarding.

Can an Applicant Tracking System help you save time?

On average, 75% of CVs received are not qualified for the job.

Recruiters, can you agree that one of the biggest time wasters is trawling through all that manual paperwork and screening processes? And can you imagine what you’d be able to achieve with all of that time back? Well, with an ATS, dreams do indeed come true.

Is it cost-effective?

There’s definitely not all the time and money in the world when it comes to recruiting – but you need to ensure you hire the right person the job and business.

So, if you have an inefficient screening process, chances are, you will end up with the wrong person in the role. And that is costly for the business!

With an ATS, admin tasks are automated, which means your recruiting processes are far more productive and efficient, improving overall cost-per-hire!

Can it improve the quality of new hires?

80% of recruiters claim to have an improved quality of hire ever since they incorporated an Applicant Tracking System in their businesses. How, you ask?

The shelf-life of an application of a qualified candidate is roughly 10 days – so you really need to get in there first because unfortunately, the most qualified candidates are the first to get snapped up!

With an ATS, automated processes speed up your recruitment time, from advertising to post-interview. This means you can easily grab these talented candidates which could otherwise be hired by your competitors.

Can it provide a better experience for candidates?

Your ATS needs to support you with providing a more engaging candidate experience. 81% of candidates responded that employers who continuously communicate status updates improve the candidate experience. An outstanding ATS is one that can handle high volumes whilst maintaining regular communication with candidates, and provides a consistent experience.

Did you know that candidates are 4 times more likely to consider your company for a future opportunity when you offer them constructive feedback? Your ATS should provide this for you so that you can give your candidates the feedback they need for a successful pathway.

Are there other features I should look out for?
  • Talent banking

They could be a perfect match for the company, just not for the job – this is why any good ATS has Talent Banking. This allows you to nurture the best candidates for future vacancies, helping you reduce your time and cost to hire down the line.

  • Automated workflows for easy onboarding

Your ATS should be there for you for the entire recruitment lifecycle. A good ATS will automate workflows to send new contracts, request references and give your new hires the best possible new starter experience.

  • Integration capabilities

An outstanding ATS should provide you the capability to integrate with other software, such as HRIS and onboarding tools. With integration, all data can flow between the tools, reducing your manual hours and removing any risk of errors.

Our customers LOVE it!

“I’m really proud of this project; this needs to be out there. There are so many challenges we’ve found solutions to. Kallidus basically did the impossible where our teams had all but accepted this as their normal.”

Ovidiu Neacsu, Global HRIS & Analytics Manager

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Customer reviews

Catherine N

Senior Manager, People Operations

Finally found a tool to manage my global workforce


Clean interface, easy to navigate, multifunctional for my team’s profiles, time off, workflows and document management for my entire employee life cycle.

Joey F

Kallidus is a learning platform that challenges, provokes and instils a passion for learning


It is interactive and intuitive. The learning is fun, engaging and informative.

Verified User

Staffing and Recruiting

Very easy system to use. Good layout very clear to understand. Would highly recommend.

How easy it is to move around system and how clear it is to understand each part of the system and how to use it.

Simon B

Head of Learning and Development

Kallidus Perform transformed our culture


I like the visibility through a team structure as a head of department, the oversight I have of the hierarchy of teams that report into me via a management team.

I enjoy the ability to share input from both sides, allow for edits and review and the requirement for final sign off is particularly useful.

Verified User

Financial Services

Good product, excellent customer service


Learn is a flexible system, which helps facilitate events and e-learning with relative ease.

It is easy to assign learning to groups for mandatory training, as well as to assign catalogues for specific team development plans.

Reporting in the function is comprehensive, however, relies on SAP Business Objects, which may not be to everybody’s liking.

The Kallidus Support team is exceptionally helpful and always responds quickly, regardless of whether your query is urgent or just a question raised out of curiosity.