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Kallidus Learn – Learning Management System

Complete essential training and forge a culture of development

Kallidus makes learning and development easy so that employees, managers, and L&D teams can deliver growth for your business.

Make it easy for employees to complete essential training

Remove obstacles standing in the way of compliance

Make it easy to find and complete necessary training so learners can focus on their development

Heather talking about using Kallidus Learn LMS platform

“We’ve had more people on the platform in 4 days than the last 6 months with our old system.”

Deliver reliable reporting and reduce L&D bureaucracy

Get the right data, to the right people, at the right time

Kallidus brings together accurate employee data with intuitive, automated reporting to free you to do L&D

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Inspire managers to develop their people and boost business outcomes

Provide managers with tools and templates to support and develop their people

Align development and learning to business results, help managers support their team, and show all employees the company’s investment in them

Kallidus Learn – Learning Management System

Tour Kallidus Learn to see how we make L&D easy for employees, managers, and L&D leaders

  • Employees can easily complete mandatory training
  • Managers can develop their people and boost team effectiveness
  • L&D teams can deliver reliable reporting and remove admin work

Ben Wynne, Kallidus Head of Service Delivery

“From the very first call, we work to understand customers’ requirements and how we can help facilitate your processes.”

Why Choose Kallidus?

Kallidus makes learning and development easy so that employees, managers, and L&D teams can deliver growth for your business


  • Easy to use, accessible
    user interface
  • Know what courses you need to do
  • Discover engaging e-learning content for personal development

L&D Leader

  • Automate L&D reporting
  • Drive learner engagement with self-enrolment, notifications, manager nudges, etc!
  • Ensure a successful LMS implementation with a proven partner

Team Manager

  • Align team’s learning and development to business goals
  • Bring simplicity and structure to employee/manager check-ins and performance reviews
  • Recommend training and skills development to bring the best out of your people

We will make your LMS project a success

  • An experienced, UK- and US-based professional services team: 140 implementations in 2023!
  • Consistent and un-capped support: customer success, support, and account management model – 97% CSAT Score
  • The Kallidus Academy for customer education and community

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