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Develop higher performing teams

Drive better performance with continuous feedback, goal tracking and flexible reviews with performance management software. Connect learning with performance to empower employees to lead their own development.

What is Performance Management?

Empower managers and engage your people through a culture of open feedback and tracking. Connect learning with performance and empower employees to lead their own development.

Reviews that drive future success

Try performance management software that makes it easy for managers and team members to check-in and discuss challenges in real-time.

  • Keep objectives up-to-date
  • Encourage short conversations
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Remove lengthy form-filling

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Drive future success

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Choose a performance management system that delivers

Empower your teams and help them achieve their development goals, download the brochure today.

Take a look at the benefits

Boost employee retention with a robust performance management system. Develop and retain your best talent while driving teams to take control of their own learning and development.

Align objectives to achieve top organisational goals

Provide complete clarity around individual, team and organisational objectives to motivate your workforce and drive them to achieve their goals.

Track progress and reward success year-round.

Laptop and mobile phone showing an individual's activities in Perform

Help your high-performing teams reach higher

Drive better performance with continuous feedback, goal tracking and flexible reviews. Empower employees to lead their own development and nurture a culture of self-led learning by connecting learning with performance.

Circular image of office workers discussing in a meeting

Build flexible reviews

Develop reviews that create future success by aligning individual’s objectives against organisational and team goals.

Perform makes it easy to check in and discuss challenges in real time.

  • Keep objectives up-to-date
  • Encourage short conversations
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Remove lengthy form-filling
Circular image of a team building a growth culture

Bring your L&D and performance management together

Managers can assign learning and view their team’s progress within reviews without switching to your LMS.

Laptop showing an annual review in our performance management system

Kallidus Perform transformed our Performance Management culture

“Today’s job market is highly dynamic and transparent. High potential young employees want regular feedback and career progression advice, not just ‘once and done’ reviews.”


See the benefits of the features

Blue report for success icon

Manager dashboard

Managers can view their team’s learning progress within their review, without switching to your LMS.

Blue icon of bell ringing

Instant notifications

Switch on optional notifications to stay completely in control of progress, comments, and concerns from your team.

Blue user friendly icon

User friendly interface

Every last icon has been through the labs to ensure you get a world-class user experience.

Blue icon of a paintbrush with dripping paint

Add your own style

No customised coding, specialist developers or additional services required. Rebrand the interface in just a few clicks.

Blue feedback icon

Informal feedback

Request, gather, and track informal feedback on individuals to motivate and develop them.

Blue icon of a hand pressing a button

Anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re driving learning through desktop, mobile or in a classroom, access your training wherever you are.

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Frequently asked questions

What is performance management?

Let’s start with the basics.

Performance management is a strategic approach to develop and sustain improved performance in employees.

Put simply: performance management helps employees to do their best work and helps managers support them every step of the way.

The goals of performance management:

– Create and identify individual objectives/goals
– Accomplish strategic objectives for the organisation
– Provide feedback
– Improve performance
– Hold people accountable
– Review results
– Reward and recognise

Performance management, done right, can help businesses create (and sustain) a culture of growth development where employees are engaged and thriving in their roles.

What makes performance management so important?

Keeping on track of your teams, and offering them opportunities to grow and develop, has never been more important than in today’s hybrid-working era.

People want to develop professionally and advance their careers, so many seek a genuine commitment from their workplace to help them. In 2019, 94% of employees said they would stay at a company for longer if their employer invested in their development.

The easiest place to start is with performance management and providing clear development pathways. But it’s easy to get wrong – especially when you’re using a slow and, frankly, broken system.

Having a system in place that’s truly effective will revolutionise the way performance management is done (and seen) in your business.

Can it help engagement rates?

In the words of Forbes council member, Susan Hunt Stevens, “You Need A Strategy To Engage Your Greatest Asset: Your People”.

But, what’s going to help you do that?

You guessed it, engagement starts with an effective performance management strategy that supports a continuous feedback culture and sets your people up for success.

Did you know?

Employee engagement rates are nearly three times higher when managers regularly keep in touch. And those highly-engaged employees will be more motivated to achieve their own personal goals, and your company goals too. 

Will it show us how our performance programme is performing?
  • Insights and powerful analytics

Wouldn’t it be great to have a 360 view of your team’s performance? Well, you can! Performance management software allows you to see the impact your programme is having. You’ll have all the data you need in one place so you can keep on top of your teams objectives, whether that’s congratulating them for achieving one ahead of schedule, or raising concerns about missed deadlines.

  • Real-time feedback

Getting feedback once a year can feel like a lifetime for your employees. Who can remember what they committed to – or why – if there’s a whole year in the middle? Providing instant feedback for objectives they’re currently working on can boost engagement, motivation and help your people achieve their goals more efficiently.

  • Review performance on a continuous basis

We know the world of work is changing with hybrid-working now the ‘new normal’ for many of us. A huge reduction in face-to-face contact means it’s fundamental that conversations around development happen on a regular basis. 

In a recent poll, a whopping 82% of employees said they want their company to see them as a person and not just a worker. Using a system that encourages continuous and purposeful feedback means you won’t be limited to those annual and bi-annual reviews that, let’s face it, are often ineffective and robotic.

Can software help retain staff?

In today’s candidate-driven market, employees have more job options and opportunities than ever before, so you need to go the extra mile to keep the people that are contributing to your business.

This year’s Learner Survey report uncovered that 2 in 5 people will look for a new job in the next 12 months. For many, it’s to learn new skills and to progress in their careers. People want clearly defined objectives to achieve, goals to reach, and constant challenges to keep them going.

Performance management does all of that, and more. Giving your people growth opportunities lays the foundation for employee loyalty; through powerful performance management you’ll be motivating tomorrow’s leaders – it’s a win-win for your business!

Can a well implemented system boost productivity?

Organisations want productivity levels to be sky-high, and employees want continuous development and opportunities to grow. So, how can you use performance management to achieve both? Regular check-ins and performance reviews give managers and employees the opportunity to discuss areas for improvement.

It provides your teams with a safe space to express their interest in learning new skills and allowing them to take control of their own personal development and goals. Those new skills can have a huge positive effect on employee performance – making it beneficial for both your people and your productivity levels.


How does a performance management system help people take control of their development?
  • Effective goal-setting and management

Providing your teams with clarity and direction will aid their development and ensure everyone is set up for success. Performance management software allows your employees to easily see their objectives and update on their progress in one centralised location – no more digging out those buried word documents!

  • Aligning objectives to achieve top organisational goals

Performance management software that creates an easy link between individual and organisational objectives gives employees a deeper understanding of their contribution to higher-level goals. When goals are aligned, it unites your people at every level of the organisation to come together and achieve success. 

Communicating these goals through your performance management system will:

– Increase motivation

– Improve focus

– Boost productivity levels

– Produce higher levels of engagement

You’ll be building a high-performing team that can help your organisation thrive – sounds tempting, right?

A huge part of performance management is setting goals for your people, but the real game-changer is empowering your team to set their own too. Trusting people to establish their own objectives and goals means you’re not only giving them the freedom to contribute to their development, you’re also promoting a self-starter mindset – and that’ll do wonders for employee autonomy.

So, it’s clear (we hope) that now is the time to invest in your people – or you’ll be waving goodbye to your top talent before you know it.

Still unsure? Download our brochure

Kallidus Testimonials

Matt S

Senior learning and development manager

Awesome customer experience


Kallidus perform is easy for collleagues to navigate.

Adding new performance questionnaires are really easy.

It can be altered on the fly and is so easy to pick up.

The support from Kallidus is second to non. They always help you try to achieve your objective.

Perform can be used on the go from any device and the UX is really clean.

Scoring colleague Sam delaying feedback can be done on the go from a mobile.

Perform makes it easy to share feedback.

Alexandra C

Head of Operations

Straight forward, functional platform allowing for easy development monitoring


I like the visibility through a team structure as a head of department, the oversight I have of the hierarchy of teams that report into me via a management team. I enjoy the ability to share input from both sides, allow for edits and review and the requirement for final sign off is particularly useful.

Simon B

Head of Learning and Development

Kallidus Perform transformed our Performance Management culture


Kallidus Perform gives us clear sight of the objectives that are being worked towards, the progress that people have made, and the alignment to corporate strategy. It also gives accountability back to individuals to manage their own performance and development. It also helps us understand how mid-level to senior managers have progressed towards objectives and KPIs and this allows us to make more objective decisions on discretionary reward which is linked to these objectives.

Alex B

Learning and Development Partner

Perform is the perfect performance management system for us


The ease in which we can customise our reviews and the ease in which our audience can complete them – plus allows for remote PDRs