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PCI DSS Online Courses

An interactive and engaging PCI DSS  online training course designed for employees.

How it works

If you or your employees handle credit or debit card payments, you will need to ensure that everyone is aware of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – or PCI DSS and their responsibilities around customer data and security. The standard is mandated by the card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Using case studies and real life situations to explain how the payment card system works, the requirements of the standards on organisations that process credit or debit card payments and what you and your staff need to know to make sure that these types of payments are handled securely.

3 versions available: Full, Front Office or Back Office – choose the version that works best for your business, and also ensure that the right employees get the right training suitable for their own job roles.

The benefits of choosing off-the-shelf eLearning

  • Fun, accessible, and interactive online training
  • Customise courses to fit your brand
  • Up to 100 languages available
  • Free eBook to boost knowledge retention and support real-time implementation
  • Learn on-the-go with mobile-friendly courses
  • Add your own content; policies, procedures, PDF, videos, and more
  • CPD, IATP, and ECSC assured
  • RoSPA assured

* This eLearning only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all-round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

This course covers

  • Why the PCI DSS are vital in protecting both customers and your businesses
  • What the responsibilities are of staff when dealing with credit or debit card payments
  • How to accept credit card payment safely and securely
  • What to do when things go wrong – and how to resolve them
  • The consequences of breaching the Security Standards
  • Cyber security and physical security, what happens when things go wrong and best practice guidelines

Course details

Blue compliance icon

Anyone handling payments via credit or debit card,

Blue time icon

45 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

Black icon of an accreditation


Blue icon of a book signifying knowledge and learning

eBook Available