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Using the GROW Model to Coach 2

An interactive and engaging online course on using the GROW model to coach 2.

How it works

The GROW model is a framework you can use to plan and conduct a coaching relationship. This course will help get you started with GROW and the action planner will help work with the person you’re coaching to: establish good coaching goals; develop a realistic plan for development and review progress and gain commitment to improve.

This course forms part of our popular Coaching Pathway, a series of courses progressively develops all the skills learners need to become effective workplace coaches.

Based on thought provoking and challenging video scenarios across a range of work environments and centred around the popular GROW coaching module, these courses engage learners and build skills and confidence in the topic. A powerful array of takeaway reference materials and planning tools helps learners put the skills into practice.

The benefits of choosing Engage in Learning

  • engaging and interactive online training
  • personalise courses with our easy-to-use in-course editor
  • variable playback speed
  • choice of 100 languages
  • downloadable eBooks designed to boost knowledge retention and support implementation at work
  • learn using desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • accredited, five-star-rated courses
  • LMS or cloud-based training

This course covers

  • how to maintain momentum throughout a coaching process
  • how to help others overcome limiting beliefs
  • how to acknowledge success and accentuate the positive
  • maintaining momentum beyond the initial enthusiasm
  • maintaining the GROW process
  • reviewing and monitoring progress
  • uncovering limiting beliefs
  • managing issues with the coaching relationship
  • how to acknowledge and celebrate success in a meaningful way
  • how to pull out the positive aspects of performance
  • developing personal coaching skills

Course details

Team Leaders & Managers,

27 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

eBook Available