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Decision Making: Options to Implementation

An interactive and engaging online course on decision making: options to implementation for employees.

How it works

Evaluating options requires an analytic approach. This course will help you to develop useful and consistent criteria for your evaluation process. You will see how to systematically examine arguments for and against particular options and how to help your team reach a consensus.

The benefits of choosing Engage in Learning

  • engaging and interactive online training
  • personalise courses with our easy-to-use in-course editor
  • variable playback speed
  • choice of 100 languages
  • downloadable eBooks designed to boost knowledge retention and support implementation at work
  • learn using desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • accredited, five-star-rated courses
  • LMS or cloud-based training

This course covers

  • How to usefully evaluate each of your possible options using techniques such as, criteria review, pros and cons, and idea categorisation
  • Explore when each evaluation method would be most appropriate and review some other possible techniques
  • What you need to avoid including, lack of process, doing what you did before, being hasty, and being influenced by hidden agendas
  • Explore techniques such as multi-voting to help a group to make a choice
  • Find out how important it is to generate a clear overview of your proposed solution and communicate the important points to all stakeholders
  • Discover how to generate an effective task list
  • Use Force Field analysis to assess possible resistance, support and finally examine some of the questions your team should be asking themselves in order to prevent problems from recurring

Course details

Team Leaders & Managers,

35 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

eBook Available