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Exploring Needs

An interactive and engaging online course on exploring needs for employees.

How it works

As a customer services professional you need to explore what a customer needs and be able to help them. But sometimes it is not easy to spot what they actually want. This may be due to the words they say or their body language, but a skilled salesperson will use questions to make sure they always give the best service to the customer.

This online training course guides the learner through video scenarios which explain how by asking questions and discovering what the customer needs will result in a successful experience for all concerned.

Discover how to ask skillful questions to draw them out, listen actively and tune into your customer by reading their body language and interpreting the meaning behind the words they say.

The Exploring Needs course forms part of a pathway of courses which help everyone new to a Customer Service role be better equipped to deal with any sales situation.

The benefits of choosing off-the-shelf eLearning

  • Fun, accessible, and interactive online training
  • Customise courses to fit your brand
  • Up to 100 languages available
  • Free eBook to boost knowledge retention and support real-time implementation
  • Learn on-the-go with mobile-friendly courses
  • Add your own content; policies, procedures, PDF, videos, and more
  • CPD, RoSPA, IATP, and ECSC assured


This course covers

  • The key skills required to understand the needs of your customers
  • How to listen actively to the customer
  • The barriers to effective listening and how to break them down
  • Practicing effective questioning techniques to tune into specific needs
  • How to interpret body language and tone to drill down to the customer’s real message

Course details

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Anyone selling to the public

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20 minutes with a 5 minute post course test

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eBook Available