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Managing Remote Teams

An interactive and engaging online course on managing remote teams for managers.

How it works

Working remotely and communicating virtually can make it difficult for a team to achieve high performance … and indeed to even feel like working in a team. Managers are introduced to the virtual barriers to high performance and given some practical tips on how to use technology to overcome them.

It’s broken into five sections focusing on cohesion, connectivity, cooperation, communication and culture. Each section has two major practical tips for managers.

The benefits of choosing off-the-shelf eLearning

  • Fun, accessible, and interactive online training
  • Customise courses to fit your brand
  • Up to 100 languages available
  • Free eBook to boost knowledge retention and support real-time implementation
  • Learn on-the-go with mobile-friendly courses
  • Add your own content; policies, procedures, PDF, videos, and more
  • CPD, RoSPA, IATP, and ECSC assured

This course covers

  • how remote working can cause a sense of fragmentation and confusion
  • agreeing and reinforcing team purpose, objectives and principles
  • creating opportunities to develop a strong sense of team identity via technology
  • how remote working can result in poor and infrequent connections between people
  • providing and using the most effective technology for each communication need
  • setting up a strong pattern of communication events with specific purposes
  • how remote working can reduce effective cooperation and collaboration
  • supporting team members to develop resilient working relationships across distance and technology
  • being alert for team conflict and dealing with it effectively in a remote environment
  • how remote working can increase misunderstandings and reduce information flow
  • conducting effective virtual meetings that energise and focus team effort
  • promoting professional text-based team communication
  • how remote working can make it difficult to create a dynamic culture of engagement and motivation.
  • using a team dashboard to capture team culture and progress
  • maintaining a strong personal touch with a motivation check-in with team members every week

Course details

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Managers with remote team members,

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33 minutes with a 5 minute post course test,

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eBook Available