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Maximise your remote onboarding strategy in 5 easy steps

So, you’ve made it through the remote interview process, found your perfect candidate and they’re all set to join you. But how on earth […]

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Negative feedback for positive futures: how the right candidate feedback can enhance your recruitment strategy

Nobody likes rejection, especially during an interview process. But whether it’s at application or final interview, rejection doesn’t have to mean negativity. In fact, giving the right kind of feedback to candidates avoids bitterness and […]

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Interview preparation – it’s not just for candidates

With the ongoing advice to work from home where possible, and no clear vision of when a return to the office might take place, most of […]

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Accessing the best talent starts with a positive candidate experience: how user friendly is yours?

Have you ever interviewed an amazing candidate and then been baffled as they ghosted you?  How about an offer to the perfect recruit being […]

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Remote working and the case for company culture: why hiring the right people is more important than ever

Company Culture The formerly contentious issue of remote and flexible working has finally been forced to the forefront of business discourse in 2020, as COVID-19 sanctions on workplaces and schools saw an […]

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