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What does people success mean to you?

Today, as Sapling officially becomes Kallidus, we’re bringing you the launch of our new brand and purpose, putting people success at the heart of it all.

Sapling has always championed outstanding employee experiences, automating, and optimizing employee lifecycles, from before day one to the final farewell. Now, as a part of Kallidus, we can deliver truly outstanding experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle to create connected journeys for your people.

Employee engagement has never been so critical to business success, especially when remote-and-hybrid working means the best people have their pick of where to work. So, how do you attract the best?

Investing in people success keeps you ahead of the curve, with a great reputation, meaning those high performers will be clamouring to work with you.

Kallidus have been doing this for a long time (for over 20 years, in fact!), so we understand how crucial it is that everything works together. Link your learning with performance. Add a great candidate experience. Make it easy for managers to find, hire, and retain the best people. With the right software, you can create a successful employee lifecycle even before day one.

So, whether it’s contractors or employees, entry-level or C-Suite, from the very first day to the last, and everything in between, Kallidus are your strategic partner for people success.

Kallidus’ journey began with learning

Kallidus started in eLearning, and L&D is still very much at the heart of who we are; it’s how we develop such incredible teams. But engaged workforces need so much more than compliance training and annual reviews. This is what Kallidus is here for.

People success starts well before day one. In fact, everything you do as a business reflects your people strategy:

What do you look like to your candidates?

How’s your interview process? Are your candidates engaged?

What’s it like onboarding with you? Are there a million emails about tech and start dates, or is it a slick automated process?

All of that happens before day one, and as we know, first impressions always count.

Connected journeys

We’re all on a journey. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder or developing in your role, nothing should happen in silo. Kallidus builds connected people journeys that map the entire employee lifecycle, making your people the best they can be by providing the success they deserve.

As a Kallidus product, Sapling’s capabilities in onboarding, offboarding, core HR, and people operations are further strengthened by Kallidus’ expertise in L&D, with the new purpose reinforcing our product strategy to build connected people journeys.

Success looks different for everybody. Whether they’re high-flyers, new starters, or lifers, we’ve got you covered.

Our purpose

We make people success easy for growing organizations. It’s really that simple. Successful people shouldn’t be hard to develop, you just need the right tools – and the right strategic partner – to get there.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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What does people success mean to you?