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Six ways to prevent regression when your LMS administrator leaves

When your Learning Management System (LMS) administrator departs, it can create a potential risk of regression in your learning system.

To ensure a smooth transition and maintain the functionality and effectiveness of your LMS, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Not sure where to start? Here are six essential strategies to prevent regression and keep your LMS running smoothly even when your administrator is no longer around. 


Document processes and workflows

One of the first steps in preventing regression is to document all the processes and workflows related to your LMS. This documentation should cover administrative tasks, user management, course creation, system maintenance, and any other critical activities. By creating a comprehensive guide, you provide a valuable resource for the new administrator to refer to, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring consistency. 


Implement role-based access control and permissions

Role-based access controls and permissions are vital security measures that restrict system access based on predefined roles and responsibilities. By implementing such controls within your LMS, you can assign specific permissions to different user roles, such as administrators, instructors, and learners. This way, even if your LMS administrator leaves, the system will continue to function smoothly with predefined access controls, minimizing the risk of unauthorized changes or mishaps. 


Cross-train staff

Cross-training your existing staff members on LMS administration tasks can prove invaluable when the primary administrator departs. Identify individuals who show interest or have the necessary skills and provide them with training and hands-on experience. Having a backup team familiar with the LMS functionality ensures that day-to-day operations can continue seamlessly while you search for a new administrator. 


Utilize vendor support and communities

Most LMS providers offer support services, including documentation, knowledge bases, and customer forums. Make sure you take full advantage of these resources. Encourage your staff to engage with the vendor’s support team and actively participate in online communities related to your LMS. By tapping into these networks, you can seek guidance, troubleshoot issues, and learn from the experiences of other LMS administrators. With Learn LMS, you get full access to The Academy, our forever-free learning platform where resources are available directly in the system to help train and upskill your staff.


Maintain regular system backups

Regularly backing up your LMS data is essential for disaster recovery and continuity purposes. Ensure that your backups are up to date and stored securely. By having a reliable backup strategy in place, you can safeguard your data and quickly restore the LMS to its previous state if any unforeseen issues arise during the transition period. 


Plan for succession and recruitment

To prevent regression, it’s crucial to plan for the departure of your LMS administrator in advance. Develop a succession plan that outlines the steps to be taken when the administrator leaves or ensure that your LMS provider can step in if needed. Consider the timeline for recruitment, the desired qualifications and skills, and the transition process. By proactively planning for the departure, you can ensure a smoother handover and minimize disruptions to your LMS operations. 


Losing an LMS administrator doesn’t have to result in regression and chaos. By implementing these six strategies—documenting processes, utilizing role-based access controls, cross-training staff, utilizing vendor support, maintaining backups, and planning for succession—you can mitigate risks and maintain the stability and effectiveness of your LMS.


Be prepared, stay proactive, and empower your team to handle the transition smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted eLearning experiences for your users. With Learn LMS, you can ensure all of the steps described are in play from before day one.  


Speak to one of our friendly experts to discover how to enhance your L&D strategy.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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