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Top 5 features of Learn LMS

As technology continues to transform the way we learn and develop our skills, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to have an efficient and effective learning management system (LMS) in place.

An LMS boosts workplace productivity and reduces training costs for an organization by 25% to 40%. How? Half of learners find it easier to fit eLearning into their working day. And they’re not wrong: employees are more likely to engage and retain material online than in a classroom because eLearning requires around 50% less learning time. Choice over learning = increased engagement.

While your search for a good LMS might give you numerous options, Learn’s features and capabilities make it the outstanding LMS you need.

Here are five features of Learn LMS that sets it apart from the rest:


1. Content partnership with Articulate Storyline

Learn LMS has partnered with Articulate Storyline to allow for seamless content authoring directly in the LMS. This feature enables organizations to create custom eLearning courses that are engaging, interactive, and tailored to their specific needs. With Articulate Storyline, users have access to a variety of templates, characters, and animations to make their courses more engaging and visually appealing.


2. Mobile access with no app downloads

One of the major advantages of Learn LMS is that it offers mobile access without requiring any visits to app stores or local software downloads. This feature allows employees to access their learning on their mobile devices, making it easier for them to learn on the go, and stay connected with their training and development. Whether they’re travelling for work or simply commuting to the office, your people can access their courses from anywhere and at any time.


3. Employee access from day one

Learn LMS provides your people access to their learning from their very first day on the job. This means that they can start developing their skills and learning about the organization’s culture and values from the get-go. This creates a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization, which leads to improved employee engagement and retention.


4. Enhanced control for managers

Learn LMS gives managers enhanced control over their team members’ development with subtle prompts and reporting to keep their employees on track. Managers can assign courses, set deadlines, and track their team’s progress to ensure that everyone is meeting their training and development goals. This feature allows managers to identify any knowledge gaps and provide targeted support to help their team members succeed.


5. Top-notch tracking

With Learn LMS’ reporting dashboard, you can ensure that due dates are always managed, and compliance is guaranteed. With this feature, administrators can easily track employee progress, identify any compliance issues, and generate reports to share with key stakeholders. This allows organizations to stay on top of their compliance requirements and ensure that all employees are receiving the training they need to perform their roles effectively and safely.


Learn LMS offers several features that set it apart from other providers. From its content partnership with Articulate Storyline to its top-notch tracking, Learn LMS provides a comprehensive and effective solution for organizations looking to improve their training and development programs.

Speak to one of our friendly experts to discover how to enhance your L&D strategy.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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