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What features make an outstanding LMS?

When searching for an LMS, it’s easy to get confused and, frankly, stressed out at all the information out there. If you’re going to invest in an LMS, it needs to be the best fit for your organisation. But how do you know?

An LMS’ features are what you need to focus on. What do your learners need? What will help them excel in their learning journey? They’re tough questions to ask yourself, especially if you’re new to the LMS arena, so we’ve done the work for you.

Check out our top features that make an LMS outstanding and where you can find an LMS like it:


Personalised learning content

91% of employees want personalised, relevant courses – the same way we see recommended shows on Netflix. It makes sense! If learning is directly connected to a learner’s job, they’ll get insights that can enhance their day-to-day work life, which is far more motivational for better performance than generic content.

When content is personal and relevant, learners are more likely to be engaged and want to continue their development. So, if today’s workers expect on-demand, consumer-grade technology across all platforms, shouldn’t we expect our learning to be the same? Suggested courses, new content… it’s not too good to be true.


User-Generated Content

LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube – User-generated content (UGC) is all over our social media feeds. In fact, UGC impacts 79% of our purchasing decisions. Why? People trust authenticity. We like to be influenced. We want to see someone similar to ourselves who can successfully use a product or service, and trust that their experience will be similar.

When it comes to learning, we’re not that different. Learning from our peers through UGC is a great way to share knowledge and skills in a way that is more personalised to your teams and organisation.


Outstanding user experience

Is your current LMS slow? Clunky? Tired? Like an iPhone 1 that has never been updated? Or an avocado-green bathroom from the 70s? Trust us, we’ve heard it all. We hear the same story from L&D managers looking to invest in a new LMS.

Why would your learners want to face a stressful experience trying to navigate an LMS? Put simply, they wouldn’t. Engagement rates would be low, and development uptake would flatline.

The biggest win you can get for company buy-in is a super user-friendly platform. It not only supports wider engagement from learners but also empowers your learners to take control of their own development, making it their personal journey. Even better, a great user experience also reduces costs, lowers training overheads, and enables faster onboarding for both learners and management.



You want an LMS to reduce your time-consuming admin tasks, not add to the list. But if it doesn’t communicate with your HR tech stack, the manual work will rapidly creep back up. Your LMS should enable integration with your existing people tools. Imagine automated actions, specifically assigned training, new user profiles, and data synchronisation…

Integrate your LMS with all your crucial HR software, including performance management tools, to produce intuitive dashboards that give managers complete clarity over individual and team progress, quickly identifying knowledge and skills gaps. Through integration, you can ensure continuous development and growth within your team, giving your people security and fulfilment.


Intuitive reporting

The right reports, to the right people, at the right time. That is what you need your LMS to do.

Automated, intuitive reports provide you and your key stakeholders insights into your learners and the platform’s progress. This includes:

  • Engagement rates
  • Goal tracking
  • If there any actions that are needed or courses to be added
  • Compliance rates

This helps you to make better business decisions, optimise learning plans, and demonstrate a clear return on learning investment for long-term business use.

Discover how Learn LMS meets your reporting needs.



An LMS is an extension of your business, and for your learners, it’s the core of their development.

Think about it: If learners can use an LMS that feels familiar to them and they can identify with it, they will have more faith in how the platform can help them. The more they trust the platform, the more likely they will engage with it and repeatedly utilise the content.

Productivity and completion rates will increase, enhancing your teams’ progress and performance and ultimately developing a deep-rooted learning culture. This will support your ROI, allowing learning and development to remain an organisational priority.

With Learn LMS, you can apply your own brand in the system in just a few clicks. No coding is required (you are welcome!).


Mobile friendly

When implementing a learning platform, you must ensure that every employee, regardless of their role or location, receives the same high-quality learning experience. In turn, this helps foster a culture of consistency and excellence.

Deskless workers form an astonishing 80% of the overall global workforce, so it’s crucial to provide your learners with an LMS that has learning options to suit them and truly enhance their learning experience.

Choose an LMS that’s mobile-friendly and empowers your people to fit learning around their schedule.

It’s a long list to think about… is there really an LMS that exists with all these features?


Introducing Learn LMS

Learn LMS is our award-winning, user-focused LMS that allows you to deploy, manage, track, and report on all types of learning across multiple devices. With a seamless user-experience, you can target learning to the right person at the right time and optimise training expenditure (aka, saving that £££).

And that’s not all! Learn enables you to integrate your Learning Management System with all your crucial HR software, including performance management tools, to produce intuitive dashboards that give managers complete clarity over individual and team progress, quickly identifying knowledge and skills gaps. Learn LMS lets you assign your people the learning they need based on user data, so achievements and course content become tailored to everyone.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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