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Top FAQs
for Learn LMS

Have a question about Learn LMS and needed the answer yesterday? Our Top FAQs are here to save the day.

Our wonderful Customer Support team provide an outstanding contextual support model, so they are there to answer any question or query you have, 24/7. However, we get that sometimes you’re just busy and need the answer to a quick question immediately. Well, you’re in luck!

Here are our FAQs to our top-asked questions about Learn LMS:


How do I arrange an account for my New Starter?

Automation is your best friend. Add your new starters to your HR data feed for automatic setup. Alternatively, you can manually add them before their official start date to share pre-boarding content.


Help! I have forgotten my password

If you have SSO (Single sign-on), you’ll never enter a password. If not using SSO, there’s a ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page, or you can reset your password manually or through an administrator.


How is my dashboard populated?

A People data feed automates learning assignments based on roles, locations, and responsibilities from HR data. However, this does rely on accurate and up-to-date data (this is your reminder to ensure it’s updated!). If your role changes, the learning you are assigned can change too. An LMS administrator can also manually assign learning.


What happens to my online learning when I change job role?

Similar to above, your learning evolves with your job role, adapting to your new responsibilities and/or location. As your job role changes, you might be unassigned one set of mandatory/optional learning, and assigned a whole new set of content, according to what you do, where you work, and any additional responsibilities you may have. Any learning you have previously completed remains in your ‘Courses I’ve done’ tab of Learn LMS.


How do I access Learn LMS from home?

Learn is a web app, so you can easily access it wherever you normally access the internet. But you don’t need to worry if you’re ever without, as it’s also possible to download content to complete offline. If you have completed courses offline, your training record syncs with Learn upon logging in.


How do I add learning to my dashboard?

Every time you select an optional Course, it will appear in ‘Courses I’ve chosen to do’. LMS administrators can also assign learning, and managers can mandate learning for their direct reports.


How do I remove learning from my dashboard?

Allocated courses can only be removed by an LMS administrator. However, you can easily remove your optional courses by deleting them in ‘Courses I’ve chosen to do’.


How do contractors access Learn LMS?

If they appear in your HR data source, they can be added automatically, just like any other user. If not, then an administrator can manually add users to Learn – either one at a time or in batches via a spreadsheet import.


Where are Learn LMS emails/reminders sent to?

Learners get messages via email and Learn’s notification panel, which are all recorded for audits. For further communication, admins can also add a BCC email for notifications.


For what purposes is my personal data processed and stored?

If the question relates to training activity, etc, then the administrator can decide how long a User’s details are retained after they leave. Get in touch with our support team, who can help you with this query.


What happens if I/a member of my team is Long Term Sick?

There are a range of options in this scenario. An account can be deactivated during a long absence, restricting access to all content. Many use a field in their HR data source to identify long-term absentees, unassigning training and excluding them from reports to maintain accurate compliance rates.


Who can view my training history?

Your manager, the LMS admin team, and our support team, who may be able to access customer sites. Your LMS admin team determines Learn admin access and permissions.


Can I be exempt from any mandatory training?

If you are long-term sick, then you may be exempt from mandatory training required in your role. As long as your HR data is up to date, learners should only be receiving the courses they need.


I can’t launch an eLearning lesson on Kallidus Learn

Get in touch with our support team, who can help pinpoint the issue for you.


I have taken an eLearning course, but it’s not showing as completed/passed

Get in touch with our support team, who can help pinpoint the issue for you.


My team members are not appearing in my manager dashboard

This is usually an issue with your HR source data, or the Learn admin team has missed a step during manual configuration. Get in touch with our support team, who can help you with this query.


I am experiencing IT issues:

  • SSO not working
  • Username/password issues
  • Page not loading
  • Site is slow

Get in touch with our support team, who can help pinpoint the issue for you.


If you need further support, please get in touch with our customer support team, and don’t forget about The Academy, our forever-free learning platform that is full of resources to support you on your Learn LMS journey.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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