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Self-led learning is (still) on the rise

Remember that point during lockdowns when we weren’t exactly sure what day it was? Even though a lot of us were pretty bored, it did mean we took up several hobbies and learned new skills (fancy a quiz anyone?).

In fact, in last year’s Learner Survey Report, when we told you that 61% of UK workers were practising self-led learning, it was fair to assume this was down to all the free time. But, to our delight, the trend of self-led learning has continued, with 60% of workers still driving their own development, despite the return to ‘normal’.

Now, this could be down to hybrid working schemes and flexible working allowing more time for learning. But as we know, your people want to learn. With 74% of learners wanting the freedom to take training courses in their own time and at their own pace, the future of self-led learning looks bright.

So, why is self-led learning becoming so popular amongst learners? And how can it benefit your organisation?

Ownership satisfaction

It’s nice to feel in control of your work and progress, isn’t it? And the more ownership we get over our work, the more passionate we feel about it, especially when it comes to personal development.

By handing your people the reins around their learning, you’re actually giving them the chance to shape their own future and progression. And the more autonomy your people gain over their progression, the more motivated they will be to succeed.

With 40% of people looking to leave their current jobs for better opportunities, the culture of self-progression and personal branding has never been more prevalent. By providing a platform to support career progression, based on people’s own goals and interests, your teams will be more invested because they have more of a personal stake in their learning.

Self-led learning allows people to follow their passion and curiosity down pathways, supporting a streak of continuous development within your teams. This enthusiasm will enhance their creativity and productivity, increasing job satisfaction! And the more satisfied your people are, the more committed they will be.

Effective learning


Does it really?

We all have our own different and specific knowledge gaps. We also all have our own personal goals we want to achieve. So, a one-size-fits-all just wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, be effective for your teams.

Self-led learning enables choice over learning. It lets learners decide what is the best pathway for them personally in terms of upskilling and reskilling. You want your people to enjoy their learning, and besides, who can really get engaged in something they’re frankly just not interested in?

Self-led learning is more effective for your people as it enables them to reach their personal development goals quicker, and in a form that is best for them. No two people are the same, and neither is their learning. It’s why it comes as no surprise that 50% of learners prefer online learning! From quizzes to videos, eLearning enables choice over when and how your people learn, and at their own pace.

If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, our LMS is full of functionality to support self-led learning and individual goals

Empowered people

32% of people say staying relevant in their current job is the main motivator to learn. By providing the opportunity for self-led learning, your people can learn at their own pace, increasing their chances of success! The more successful they feel in their development journey, the more empowered they’ll be within their role.

And your people will appreciate you for it! 94% of employees say they would stay longer at a company that invested in their development. So, feeling valued as a team member, your people will know they’re being invested in, providing a sense of belonging and long-term loyalty to the organisation. It really is a win-win, right?

Top tips for self-led learning

Develop a culture of learning

Okay, this may sound simple, but the better quality of learning resources you provide your people with, the higher their chances will be of a successful development journey. Support and guidance go a long way in ensuring an empowered learning culture, so ensure your leaders are there for encouragement! This will have an influence throughout the organisation, leading to higher completion rates and overall enhanced performance.

Make space for feedback

If the learning is no longer enjoyable or effective, your people won’t be engaged, and your results will drop. But if you don’t know about it, how can you change it? Let your people know they can communicate their issues. Hold open sessions or even anonymous feedback forms for your people to provide the information you need to ensure they get the right support. Remember, happy people = long-term employees.

Bright futures ahead

The key to success? Learning and development! And your people already know this, which is why they’re already seeking out self-led learning. Empower and support your people on their development journeys by providing the learning that’s right for them.

Want to find out how to improve your L&D strategy to help engage and retain your people? Download the learner survey report today.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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