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Elevating learning culture: the transformative power of manager advocacy

To foster a truly remarkable learning culture, organizations embark on a journey of continuous evolution.

After laying the foundation for a safe and legal organization and embracing elective learning, the next phase sets the stage for an extraordinary leap forward: Manager Advocacy. In this phase, the alignment between employees, managers, and Learning and Development (L&D) reaches new heights, where learning is seamlessly woven into the fabric of growth and advancement.


Understanding manager advocacy

The third phase of a successful learning culture revolves around manager advocacy, a shift that unites employees and managers in a shared pursuit of growth. Here, learning becomes highly personalized, tightly linked to career progression and promotion, and guided by a strategic partnership between individuals, their managers, and the L&D team.


Measuring success with manager advocacy

Success in this phase continues to be multi-faceted. Robust success measures need to be established for learners, managers, and administrators, specifically focusing on elective learning goals. These measures provide a tangible framework to assess skill acquisition, performance improvement, and the application of knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Empowering manager involvement

A key ingredient in the success of Manager Advocacy is the active involvement of managers in their employees’ learning journeys. Strategic strategies and effective communication techniques are paramount to fostering this involvement. Managers should be equipped with the tools and knowledge to guide their team members toward relevant learning opportunities, aligning them with organizational objectives and individual aspirations.

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Data-driven decision making

The use of data takes center stage in manager-led reports and dashboards. Managers utilize data-driven insights to drive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and performance improvement initiatives. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of each learner’s progress, highlighting areas of proficiency and identifying skill gaps that require attention.


Sharing and recommending learning

One of the cornerstones of manager advocacy is the sharing and recommending of learning resources that align with objectives and skill gaps. Managers become champions of continuous improvement, recommending specific courses and experiences that contribute directly to the advancement of their team members’ careers.


Establishing governance

A governance process is essential to ensure a balanced and effective manager-learner relationship. This process outlines the parameters surrounding privacy, confidentiality, and the expectations of manager support. It also underlines how manager advocacy can lead to career advancement, creating a supportive ecosystem that respects boundaries while nurturing growth.


Performance management tools and strategies

In this phase, a performance management tool becomes a vital asset for managers. It enables them to showcase a learner’s progress in their job role, providing real-time feedback and tangible evidence of growth. By aligning learning achievements with job performance, managers empower employees to visualize their journey and achievements.


The third phase of building a successful learning culture, characterized by manager advocacy, marks a monumental leap forward. By fostering alignment between employees, managers, and the L&D team, learning becomes a personalized, strategic tool for growth and advancement. It allows organizations to create a culture where learning is a catalyst for excellence.

As we look ahead, the fourth phase will delve into self-directed learning and reward and recognition for the learner mindset.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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