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Is learning still not a priority for your business?

We’re here to change your mind

We talk a lot about learning and its importance in the workplace (and in life).

Because it is important!

Our Learner Survey Report discovered that 43% of people want more learning. And for so many reasons. Whether it’s for career progression, promotion, or just to expand knowledge, your people are telling you they are desperate to learn!

Unfortunately, 33% of people are not receiving the training they need to progress in their careers. In fact, 27% of people had no access to learning whatsoever. A seriously disappointing fact.

So, if your people are telling you they want to learn, why aren’t they?

Make learning a priority

We get it, the world’s been a bit chaotic over the past two and half years. Whether it’s the pandemic or cost-of-living crisis, priorities must shift for survival.

But to survive unprecedented events, we need to grow and equip ourselves with the right skills to succeed. During the pandemic, 64% of L&D professionals have seen workplace learning go from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have.

L&D is growing in popularity and the world is finally recognising its importance and benefits.

Are you?

Is productivity at an all-time high?

If your people are learning, they’re widening their capabilities. It’s really as simple as that. Learning not only strengthens their career progression opportunities but also enhances the capabilities of your teams! And a stronger, more skilful team, equals increased productivity and a competitive advantage for your organisation!

Employee engagement

Surprisingly, just over half of UK workers feel engaged in their work. Disengaged people mean job satisfaction and productivity levels will be low, and chances are your people will be looking elsewhere. So, how can you stop this?

Engage them in learning!

Developing a culture of continuous learning throughout your organisation is a great way to motivate your people. Teams will develop a great sense of achievement and satisfaction within their role because they’re furthering their personal progression, as well as supporting a greater understanding of their work. This will build confidence and increase engagement, enhancing overall fulfilment.

Increased Retention

Your people have asked for learning. You’ve provided them with an award-winning learning management system that allows easy access to learning that supports their career growth. The outcome? Happy and satisfied people who stay!

Providing a platform to enable continuous learning allows your people to expand their skill set and knowledge, increasing their job satisfaction. Knowing that you, as an employer, are investing in them will also create a great sense of belonging, building a strong relationship and increasing their loyalty to you.

Long-term loyalty = increased retention rates

So, how do you reap these awards, you ask?

Invest in an LMS

Learning has never been easier. Our LMS, Learn, provides a platform for your people to learn at a place and time that suits them, through eLearning, quizzes, videos, classrooms, and so much more. With ease of reporting, you can continually track your people’s learning to ensure the methods are successful!

An LMS can even boost workplace productivity, and reduce training costs for an organisation by 25% to 40%!

Now if we haven’t persuaded you about the importance of learning by now, we give up…

Only joking! We’ll never give up on learning – and neither should you!

Show your people you’re invested in their learning needs. Speak to an expert today.

Want to find out how to further improve your L&D strategy to help engage and retain your people? Download the learner survey report today.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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