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Learner Survey Report 2022: Emerging trends

The Learner Survey Report 2022 has landed. In the past two years, we have seen a crazy amount of change within the workplace. For […]

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Why ED&I is the secret ingredient to innovation

With the ever-changing workplace environment, organisations need stability. But how can you ensure that your workforce’s productivity and creativity goes from strength to strength […]

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Digital ‘think pieces’ are the future of learning

Learning Design has changed beyond all recognition since the COVID-19 pandemic, but what does the future hold? Our Learning Design Team Lead, Brett Gillman, […]

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Seasonal hiring is ruining Christmas – here’s how to sleigh next year’s recruitment strategy 

It’s that time of year again.   While your colleagues are joyously scheduling Secret Santa and Christmas parties, you’re spending your days manually onboarding tens – no, hundreds – […]

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HR teams must focus on continuous development right now

10 years ago, annual reviews were scribbled on bits of paper, filed in an overcrowded box folder, and not looked at again until the […]

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