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Tackling imposter syndrome as a manager

Managing a team, whether in the office or remotely, can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re not always confident in your own abilities. If you’re […]

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HR teams must focus on continuous development right now

10 years ago, annual reviews were scribbled on bits of paper, filed in an overcrowded box folder, and not looked at again until the […]

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Feedback anxiety is very real and here’s how to overcome it

“Okay, they’ve turned up late again. I have to talk to them. But what if something is going on at home? I don’t want […]

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Worried about The Great Resignation taking your best people? L&D can fix that 

It’s no secret that employees are resigning at an unforeseen rate. In fact, due to the neatness of the phrase ‘The Great Resignation’, the […]

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2 in 5 UK workers are looking for a new job  – here’s how to keep them from leaving 

Spotify is great, isn’t it?  Every day we’ll get a “Made for you” playlist, with some new songs thrown at us based on what we tend […]

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