Ensuring insurance compliance rates are up to 90%

As one of the leading specialist insurance providers in the UK and overseas, the company faces any number of challenges.

In a competitive marketplace more regulated than ever before, our customer needed to prove itself in the marketplace to continue to carry its reputation.

The business recognised that learning and development is critical for improving business performance and success – and recognised its need for a solution that would improve the visibility of management information, streamline training resources and improve compliance.

A quick fix

Though the fix was quick, it wasn’t unthorough.

Kallidus helped the insurance company by delivering an integrated LMS and performance management system that allowed managers to track performance against objectives and learners to enjoy more control over their development with easy-to-access, personalised learning.

With centralised training resources and budgets, Kallidus’ LMS provided a one-stop-shop for the insurance firm’s learning and development.

The obvious choice

With more than 800 employees requiring a system to access e-learning courses for key technical and mandatory subjects, bite-sized blended learning initiatives and individual learning pathways, Kallidus was the obvious choice.

‘With a strong track record in the financial services sector, Kallidus was the perfect fit. We chose Kallidus because of their experience in our sector and because we got a good sense of a partnership approach.

‘With consultants who really understand customer challenges, having previously worked client-side, we felt Kallidus was particularly well placed to help us make real improvements to our learning and development. The Kallidus integrated solution also represented good value for money.’

– Learning & Organisational Development Officer

The outcomes

Upon implementation, the insurance providers’ L&D department found that their administration had been streamlined, removing the burden of manually tracking and chasing course attendees which freed up three working days every month within the department.

Excitingly, Kallidus’ LMS has enabled the organisation to directly link behavioural competency frameworks with training and professional CPD. With personalised access for each user to the company’s Training Academy, employees can gain Chartered Insurance Institute qualifications and other accredited training programmes, whilst supporting key ‘train-the-trainer’ and coaching initiatives.

The Learning & Organisational Development Officer exclaimed, ‘One of the greatest advantages of Kallidus LMS is the visibility and quality of management information we now have at our fingertips, making every investment in L&D smarter and more accountable.’ – and with compliance rates having improved by 28% with an average of 90%, we’re not surprised that they feel the investment was smart!

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