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A partnership fueled by pride, passion, and purpose

Read about what happens when a passionate CLO from a leading construction consultancy partners with Kallidus.

Identifying a need

A global professional services company specializing in construction and infrastructure, faced a unique challenge. Their team members were spread across remote locations, making it near impossible to provide consistent training and development opportunities. The company’s passionate Chief Learning Officer recognized the need for a solution that would empower employees and demonstrate the company’s commitment to growth and turned to Kallidus to make it happen.

Finding the right partner

Choosing Kallidus to partner in the company’s re-commitment to employee growth, led to a new way of thinking about team member development. The company used Learn LMS and its off-the-shelf courses to re-define learning and its making all the difference.

Here’s how Kallidus is making an impact:

  • Investing in People: Kallidus allowed the company to showcase their dedication to employee growth. Through Learn LMS’ user-friendly platform, team members gained access to a wealth of learning resources.

“Our people are our greatest asset. Kallidus enables us to invest in them effectively.”

  • Self-Driven Development: With Kallidus Learn LMS, employees could take charge of their learning journey. The platform offered a diverse range of courses, webinars, and resources.

“Kallidus empowers our staff to explore topics that matter to them. It’s about self-improvement.”

  • Voluntary Enrolment: Learn LMS allowed the company to introduce a voluntary enrolment system. Employees could choose courses aligned with their interests and career goals.

“Our team members willingly sign up for training. It’s a testament to Kallidus’ impact.”

“We now have confidence that critical compliance training is completed promptly.”

  • Reducing Administrative Burden: With Learn LMS, Kallidus streamlined processes, including enrolment, reporting, and progress tracking.

“Administrative tasks no longer bog us down. Kallidus handles it seamlessly.”

Fueling the platform

The CLO’s passion for employee development radiates through every word and resonates through the company’s learning initiatives. With the Kallidus team supporting the aspirations of this devoted CLO, the company exemplifies how technology and engaging learning experiences, combined with unwavering commitment, can elevate an organization.

The CLO summed up his thoughts with a final statement, “When our team thrives, so does our business.”

Are you ready to thrive with Kallidus?

If it’s time for your company to consider a formal LMS, include Kallidus in your search and let us do the rest. Speak to an expert today.

“Our mission is clear,” he declared. “We’re shaping the future of our industry, one skilled professional at a time. Kallidus is our partner in this journey.”