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PKF & Kallidus:
Retaining niche talent and driving CPD success

Learn how PKF is leveraging Kallidus to make CPD easy and bolster engagement and retention along the way.

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PKF, a leading accounting firm, faced significant challenges in recruitment and retention within niche areas such as audit and tax. The industry’s talent pool was limited, and the need for a robust CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program was evident to retain qualified professionals. In a recent interview with Claire Hill, Head of People Operations and Recruitment at PKF-Francis Clark Chartered accountants & business advisers, we learned how they leveraged Kallidus to combat the “war on talent”.

The Challenge

The main challenges PKF encountered were attracting and retaining talent, especially auditors, and ensuring the right training pathways for trainees. The firm needed a solution that could streamline its L&D (Learning and Development) processes, support compliance with CPD requirements, and enhance team member satisfaction.

Their previous solution was off-putting aesthetically and it would “time-out”, losing important data. The flaws in the system caused the team members to lose trust in the system and maintain records manually.

The Solution

PKF implemented Kallidus Learn LMS and Perform. Loved by L&D teams and learners for its ease of use and user workflows, Kallidus did not disappoint. Kallidus provided a comprehensive solution that allowed PKF to:

  • Automate notifications and diary entries for courses, reducing administrative burden.
  • Offer director leadership and management programs through easily managed cohorts.
  • Generate reports to prevent course clashes and ensure smooth operation.
  • Support compliance by enabling managers to monitor team members’ CPD progress.

In November 2023, the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) changed its mandates, requiring a higher level of reporting accuracy and visibility. PKF was ready for this because it was already leveraging Kallidus’ automated workflows, manager dashboards, and reporting features.

“From a compliance perspective, people needing to do CPD for their ICAEW membership do it because there are reminders for them. Managers can easily access the dashboard and review where their learners are within their CPD. So again, it’s easy for them to quickly identify whether they’ve got more work to do,” said Claire Hill, PKF

The Results

Since the implementation of Kallidus, PKF has observed:

  • A significant reduction in queries and issues related to the L&D process.
  • Positive feedback on the new ‘My Performance’ dashboard, which supports the personal development review process, and links to learning.
  • Enhanced user satisfaction due to the system’s automatic saving feature and intuitive design.
  • Improved retention rates, as employees feel more engaged and developed both personally and professionally.

Overall, ease of use continually flanked the conversation with Claire. She reflected on the previous system and described Kallidus as simply being a world of difference to the positive.

“People have just found that they can find things. Learn LMS sends all the notifications to people and links to their diaries, so they’re not having to do anything separate, which was how our other system used to work.”

Kallidus has been instrumental in helping PKF overcome industry challenges by providing a user-friendly platform that supports CPD compliance and fosters a culture of continuous learning. The six-year strong partnership between PKF and Kallidus exemplifies how L&D technology that aligns with your needs can improve team member retention and satisfaction.

Even after six years, Claire Hill ended the interview with a smile and a final note about the learners at PKF, “They like it. It’s proving really popular.”

PFK-Francis Clark

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Retaining talent in a niche industry

Kallidus Learn LMS and Perform

Business Result
Improved retention rates, higher engagement, reduce support issues

"Managers can easily access the dashboard and review where their learners are within their CPD. So again, it's easy..."

Claire Hill, Head of People Operations and Recruitment at PKF-Francis Clark

Why Choose Kallidus?

Kallidus makes learning and development easy so that employees, managers, and L&D teams can deliver growth for your business.


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L&D Leader

  • Automate L&D reporting
  • Drive learner engagement with self-enrolment, notifications, manager nudges, etc!
  • Ensure a successful LMS implementation with a proven partner

Team Manager

  • Align team’s learning and development to business goals
  • Bring simplicity and structure to employee/manager check-ins and performance reviews
  • Recommend training and skills development to bring the best out of your people

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