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Make CPD easy by tracking all training in one place

The ICAEW can investigate your firm at any time. Are you ready to report on CPD for your firm?

Make CPD easy and get peace of mind by using Kallidus.

Kallidus makes CPD easy

It’s more important than ever to have a system where you can easily track, consolidate, and report on CPD, to ensure your firm remains compliant and keeps its chartered status. Here’s what you need to get that done.

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Centralised reporting system

All training in one place

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Label training materials as “CPD”

Generate certificates to upload to CPD bodies

“We’ve had to push our CPD tracking forward due to the new ICAEW regulations. Kallidus enables us to easily import learning from different platforms, track them as CPD hours, and produce certificates to upload to the relevant bodies, ensuring our employees and business are CPD compliant.”

Ryan Meyer, Talent & Development Manager, Berg Kaprow Lewis LLP

Multiple training sources?
We can accommodate

Learn LMS enables you to upload training data from multiple sources and generate certificates and reports on demand.

  • Upload content from anywhere and mark it “CPD” with a single click
  • Content from anywhere can be managed and discovered from one platform
  • Mark content as CPD from your social and productivity apps
  • Generate and send certificates as you need

Kallidus makes it easy to track training

Learn LMS makes it easy to track, consolidate, and report on CPD

  • Dashboards identify who needs to complete what and when
  • Notifications to remind learners what’s due and what’s coming
  • Intuitive process for admins to generate reports
  • Automate large data sets to generate and upload on time, every time

Need support to ensure you are CPD ready? No problem

Customer education is complete and plentiful with training materials, live events, and content to maximize your success.

  • ‘Super user’ sessions on advanced functionality to new feature workshops and best practice guidance
  • Advice on how to keep your Kallidus solutions updated and ready-to-use
  • Videos and step-by-step guides to upskill existing admins to train new starters

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