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Gearing up for change

Learn how a global engineering consultancy uses Kallidus Learn LMS and off-the-shelf courses to create easy-to-use, accessible learning.

A UK based engineering consultancy with global reach that holds itself to the highest standards for design and engineering was in search of a learning and development platform that could live up to its caliber.

Gearing up for change

An engineering consultancy was facing challenges with its internal HRIS system. The system was “clunky,” difficult to use, and had poor reporting capabilities. Additionally, uploading e-learning courses or other training materials was impossible, making it difficult to provide training opportunities for their staff, especially for international team members. To address these challenges, the company decided to implement Kallidus.

With Kallidus, the company was able to offer both classroom training and e-learning, making it easier for staff to access training opportunities. The system also provided improved reporting capabilities, making tracking and evaluating training efforts easier. Since implementing Kallidus, the company has seen early successes. Staff who have used the system have been impressed by its ease of use and the range of training opportunities available. The company is also seeing increased engagement from their new intake of apprentices and graduates, who are using the system to access training and development opportunities.
Overall, the partnership between the engineering consultancy and Kallidus has provided a solution to the company’s training challenges, enabling them to offer their staff a broader range of training opportunities and improve their training and development efforts.

Feeling the friction

The company faced several challenges with its previous HRIS system. The system was clunky and difficult to use. Additionally, it had poor reporting capabilities, making it challenging to track and evaluate training efforts. It was also impossible to include e-learning or other training materials, limiting the training opportunities available to staff, particularly those located overseas.

The force of change

The main drivers for the company to choose Kallidus were that they wanted an easy-to-use system that demonstrated all types of learning offerings, could manage classroom training and e-learning, and was accessible to a hybrid and global workforce. With employees based internationally, the learning platform needed to be “on” all the time and ready to address learner needs in various languages, time zones, and with nuanced information.

Sparking change

Implementing Kallidus provided several benefits for the company. Learn LMS with off-the-shelf content made the system more accessible and more robust for learners. It allowed for the L&D admins to create and upload learning materials, offered varying levels of automation, and the ability to provide training at the point of need or in real-time. The reporting system provided immediate value to business stakeholders in terms of efficiency, comprehensive data, and accurate representation of compliance and development.

“We needed a platform that could give our people training at the moment they needed it. To be honest, we were quite blown away by Kallidus.