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Making jobs easier and engaging managers at E&J

Learn how Eville & Jones is striving to be the best in publish health veterinary services by working with “the best” LMS in the business.

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Eville & Jones

London, UK

Public health veterinary services

500 - 999

Modernise the learning and development function and engage managers

Learn LMS provided an easy to use, modern platform with manager dashboards

Business Result
Significant learner engagement and more efficiency for managers

In need of a makeover

Eville & Jones (E&J), the UK’s largest provider of public health veterinary services, recently implemented Kallidus Learn, and the results have been impressive. In an interview with Heather McPherson, the L&D specialist at E&J, she shared her experience with the new platform.

Before Kallidus, E&J was using an outdated eLearning platform that was not user-friendly and made it difficult to pull reports. The platform was also not mobile-friendly, which made it difficult for staff in the field to access learning materials. Heather described the old system as “an iPhone one that had never been updated” and “an avocado green bathroom.”

The reveal

With Kallidus, E&J has been able to move into the modern age of eLearning. The platform is intuitive, mobile-accessible, and works alongside a proctoring service. Heather shared that the feedback from staff has been incredible, with more people accessing the platform in three days than in the past six months.

For managers, Kallidus has made a big difference. Before, they would have to go to the e-learning admin for information, which was time-consuming. Now, with the managers’ dashboard, they have more autonomy and can see their own people’s information. This has freed up time for Heather and her team to work on more strategic tasks, such as creating engaging content with Articulate and updating legacy content to be more user-friendly.

Being best-in-show

Overall, Kallidus has made a significant impact at E&J. Jobs are easier, managers are more engaged, and employees feel the investment by the company in their development. Heather said, “We class ourselves as the best in the business, so why wouldn’t we have an eLearning platform that says the same thing?”

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“We class ourselves as the best in the business, so why wouldn’t we have an elearning platform that says the same”

Heather McPherson, E&J

Why Choose Kallidus?

Kallidus makes learning and development easy so that employees, managers, and L&D teams can deliver growth for your business.


  • Easy to use, accessible
    user interface
  • Know what courses you need to do
  • Discover engaging e-learning content for personal development

L&D Leader

  • Automate L&D reporting
  • Drive learner engagement with self-enrolment, notifications, manager nudges, etc!
  • Ensure a successful LMS implementation with a proven partner

Team Manager

  • Align team’s learning and development to business goals
  • Bring simplicity and structure to employee/manager check-ins and performance reviews
  • Recommend training and skills development to bring the best out of your people

We will make your LMS project a success

  • An experienced, UK- and US-based professional services team: 140 implementations in 2023!
  • Consistent and un-capped support: customer success, support, and account management model – 97% CSAT Score
  • The Kallidus Academy for customer education and community

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