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Beyond the ‘Shecession’: what women really want after a year of career setbacks

Disclaimer: The results from our 2021 Learner Survey show 100% of respondents this year identified as either male or female.   Working for an employer that disproportionately pays men more is nothing short of familiar for […]

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Learning and development inequality: are junior employees losing out? 

Unequal access to learning and development opportunities has always been an issue that significantly impacts workers lower down the career ladder.   Logically, the more […]

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What does an HRIS do that I can’t?

Human Resource Information System (an HRIS to you and me) is basically the best gift any HR professional will receive. Seriously. Remember that Christmas […]

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The danger of stereotyping

Have you ever been stereotyped? Can you think of a time when someone made an assumption about you purely based on your ethnicity, the […]

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Disability discrimination in the workplace: the gruelling reality for many UK workers

Put simply, being mistreated by your employer or colleagues due to a disability, whether visible or hidden, is disability discrimination. Disability discrimination isn’t always […]

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