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Understanding learning needs and outcomes in the construction sector

Based on a review of our own customers in the construction sector, we’ve compiled a list of needs and outcomes for you to consider for your own organizations.

With more than 40 construction customers in our portfolio, we combed through the reasons why Kallidus Learn has been chosen as their LMS. We’ve done this analysis by reviewing the reports from our Sales and Learning Consultants before contracting with our customer and again before implementation. These lessons learned are invaluable to growing construction companies.

Why? Identifying needs and aligning them with outcomes take time and resources. This article provides a baseline set of needs that may be facing your business and suggests how you can align them to learning and business outcomes:

Safety Training and Compliance: Construction sites pose inherent safety risks, so it is essential to ensure that all employees are trained in safety protocols and compliant with regulations.

  • Learning Outcome: Delivering comprehensive safety training programs covering topics such as hazard recognition, fall protection, equipment operation, and emergency response.
  • Business Objective: Reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries by X%, achieve full compliance with safety regulations, and maintain a safe working environment.

Skills Shortages and Training Needs: The construction industry faces skill shortages in various trades, and ongoing training is necessary to address these gaps and enhance workforce capabilities.

  • Learning Outcome: Providing training in specialized construction techniques, equipment operation, project management, and emerging technologies relevant to the industry.
  • Business Objective: Increase workforce proficiency and adaptability, improve project quality and efficiency, and reduce reliance on subcontractors for specialized tasks.

Project Management and Efficiency: Effective project management is critical for meeting deadlines, controlling costs, and ensuring client satisfaction, but it requires well-trained personnel.

  • Learning Outcome: Offering project management training programs covering scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, risk management, and communication skills.
  • Business Objective: Enhance project delivery efficiency, minimize delays and cost overruns, and improve client satisfaction ratings.

Green Building and Sustainability Practices: With growing emphasis on sustainability, construction companies need to incorporate green building practices and environmentally friendly techniques into their projects.

  • Learning Outcome: Providing education on sustainable construction methods, energy-efficient design principles, waste reduction strategies, and green building certification requirements.
  • Business Objective: Increase the number of sustainable construction projects undertaken, achieve green building certifications, and enhance the company’s reputation as an environmentally responsible contractor.

Technology Adoption and Integration: The construction industry is experiencing rapid technological advancements, and companies must invest in training to effectively leverage new tools and software.

  • Learning Outcome: Offering training on construction-related software, drones, robotics, and other emerging technologies relevant to the field.
  • Business Objective: Improve project efficiency and accuracy through technology adoption, reduce rework and errors, and stay competitive by embracing innovation.

By addressing these learning and development needs through a structured training program facilitated by the right learning management system, your construction company can enhance employee skills, improve operational performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and ultimately achieve its business objectives. Regular evaluation and feedback mechanisms will help refine training initiatives to align with evolving industry trends and company goals.

Reach out to us today so we can get started on your unique plan.

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Written by Dawn Baron


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