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Engage your learners: The voices of Customer Connect

On Tuesday, 14th May 2024, Kallidus took part in the latest edition of our customer-exclusive event, Kallidus Customer Connect, where we dived into the world of learner engagement.

Why the focus on learner engagement?

Because it was chosen by YOU! After every Customer Connect, we always ask what our customers want us to discuss in the next event to ensure we provide you with the content and opportunities you desire.

Learner engagement is an incredibly important topic for us to discuss. You already know that L&D is important to any workforce. There’s just one issue: Sometimes, your L&D activities aren’t always successful, and you end up with less return on investment for your business than you’d wanted (and you’d promised your stakeholders).

This is where learning engagement comes in, aka, the factor that ensures your employees are actually motivated to engage with your LMS. Measuring learning engagement is a key factor in understanding the quality of your learning course and how involved your employees are willing to be in their training as a result. Measuring learning engagement within your workforce helps you to understand how L&D is benefitting your organisation and contributing to your training ROI.


What happened at Customer Connect?

In this customer-focused event, we held many sessions to help customers understand learner engagement and how they can implement strategies in their own businesses.

In the first session, Matt Troy and Phill Lord-David discussed engagement data that really matters and why. They covered what engagement metrics you should focus on to understand success measures and gain that all-important ROI.

We then had a special guest, Elaine Cottam, Digital Learning Manager at Gleeds, join Sian Murphy, Senior Customer Success Manager, in an interview where we learnt about Gleeds’ LMS journey. From the pitfalls and challenges they overcame, to what successes they gained, this real-life case study provided great evidence as to why learner engagement matters.

We then heard from our Marketing Team in a mini session on ‘How to get buy-in for your L&D initiatives’. As an L&D leader, have you ever considered yourself a marketer? Probably not. However, to engage your learners in your platform, you must market the training platform to them. This session explained how marketers build relationships with customers, and discussed the principles of influence to help you on your marketing journey.


Want to learn more about getting buy-in for your L&D initiatives? Watch the recording of our webinar with Dawn Curless, Head of Content Marketing at Kallidus, and Heather McPherson, Learning Specialist at Eville & Jones, to discover more.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Kallidus Customer Connect without a workshop to connect with your peers! The session was split into four groups, where we solved real-life challenges, discussing and debating:

  1. Compliance – How can we educate about mandatory training?
  2. Development – How can we create self-motivated learners?
  3. Communications – How can you keep people engaged?
  4. Champions – How to identify and partner with champions?


We’ve only just begun collecting feedback from our customers, but it looks like they agree that this was a valuable event.

Our customers particularly enjoyed the opportunity for unity. They felt they had company in their challenges and realised how much more they could use Kallidus for. With experts like Phill Lord-David and Sian Murphy, they understood that they have a much stronger network of experts than they could have imagined. Some said that Phill’s session on engagement data reminded them of the value of linking the L&D function with the Product team, which typically needs to rely on frequent training. Others were feeling “heard” by Sian Murphy, who herself was an L&D practitioner before joining Kallidus.

The takeaways are plentiful, but we can have lightbulb moments every day, not just on Customer Connect days. Contact our team now with your questions and keep the conversation going.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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