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How to equip managers to develop their team members

On June 5th, Kallidus hosted an insightful webinar titled “How to Equip Managers to Develop Their Team Members,” featuring an interview with Carli Cordes from BizLibrary. Dawn Curless, Head of Marketing at Kallidus, led the session that delved into the strategies and practical steps managers can take to foster team development and build trust.

The webinar touched on five focus areas, including how management development looks different depending on which industry you are in.


Building Trust and Rapport

Carli emphasised the importance of personal connections and consistent, accountable behaviour to build trust within teams. She suggested managers should make time for casual chats, team up for projects, and engage in team-building activities to strengthen rapport. Check out our Kallidus course to help develop trust in your organisation.


Setting Clear Goals

The webinar highlighted the critical role of transparency in setting and communicating goals that align with organisational objectives. Carli advised sharing the ‘why’ behind goals to motivate team members and underscored the need for understanding individual motivators. Check out our Kallidus course for more on goal setting.


Supporting Career Development

A key takeaway was the necessity of open communication lines to support team members’ career aspirations. Carli recommended setting a regular cadence for development conversations, aligning learning with performance goals, and utilising resources like Kallidus Learn LMS and courses for targeted skill development.


Aligning Learning with Performance Goals

Aligning learning initiatives with performance goals was identified as crucial for impactful development. Carli suggested leveraging team trends to focus skill development and pairing team members for peer learning, highlighting the effectiveness of microlearning approaches. Check out our recent webinar with performance expert, Heli Ozery.


Industry-Specific Strategies

The webinar also addressed unique challenges in construction, manufacturing, and professional services. Carli provided tailored strategies for each, such as safety training cadence in construction, leadership training for manufacturing managers, and continuous professional development in legal and accounting services.


Wondering how to address manager development in your industry? Choose from the list of industries below to learn more.


Not finding your industry? Speak to someone at Kallidus now for recommendations.

Kallidus Learn LMS and Off-the-Shelf Courses are designed to empower managers to develop their teams effectively and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Speak to a Kallidus team member today to learn how we can help you.

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Written by Dawn Baron


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