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Mastering performance conversations

Driving Behavior Change and Employee Development

Watch our insightful webinar, led by performance expert Heli Nehama Ozery, where we explore strategies to identify the root causes of behavior, create impactful development opportunities, and implement successful behavior change initiatives.

Recorded on Wednesday, April 3, 2024


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Performance conversations

Understanding the link between learning and performance is a critical component to your people success. While there are many facets to this alignment, including development plans and technology, mastering the elements of the conversation between the manager and the learner is essential for driving behavior change. This session will help managers and L&D professionals to communicate with learners and create development opportunities that result in positive change.

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About Heli

Heli Nehama Ozery

Heli Nehama Ozery is the founder and CEO of Artemis OD, an innovative consulting firm focused on elevating performance and productivity. With a wealth of experience exceeding 15 years, Heli specializes in steering organizations toward achieving their full potential while fostering employee growth. Through her tailored and effective methods, Heli enables teams and individuals to transform learning into actions instantly. This transformative approach not only accelerates productivity but also generates tangible and significant business outcomes.