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HR teams must focus on continuous development right now

10 years ago, annual reviews were scribbled on bits of paper, filed in an overcrowded box folder, and not looked at again until the […]

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Gen Z vs The Workplace: are you ready for the new generation?

When it comes to what Generation Z wants, you might be able to find the answer on Tiktok.  But don’t be fooled; Gen Zers aren’t just avid gamers and witty […]

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The key to success: focus on your business objectives

The importance of setting objectives for business and employee growth is imperative to success.   Goals and objectives are the backbones of your business strategy. Goals give […]

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Humanising performance management: part 6 – coaching

When we think of coaching we may think of sports and perhaps questions its place in the business world. But when you break it […]

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