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If you think the Great Resignation is bad for business, wait until the January slump hits

Whether you think The Great Resignation is yet another media-storm, or you’re seeing it’s effects first-hand, current data suggests that people are moving jobs […]

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How to avoid seasonal hiring nightmares – and why now is the time to act 

January’s here; that festive glow is fading away, and your colleagues are regaling you with tales of their relaxing ten days out of the […]

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Tackling imposter syndrome as a manager

Managing a team, whether in the office or remotely, can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re not always confident in your own abilities. If you’re […]

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Simple ways to improve employee retention by 82%

The onboarding experience can be a make-or-break situation for many new starters. 69% of employees said they are more likely to remain in their […]

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Employee Experience VS Employee Engagement: what’s the difference?

Remember your first day at the office? It may have looked a little something like this: You’re greeted with a smile by your peers, […]

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