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Creating a consistent employee experience for a fully distributed team

See how Zapier is leveraging Kallidus as their global people operations platform to create consistency in the employee experience for a fully distributed team


The People Operations team at Zapier oversaw a wide range of responsibilities including Recruiting, Human Resources, Payroll, and Learning and Development. As an organisation with a fully distributed workforce, Zapier’s People Ops team onboarded new employees from all over the globe.

While Zapier’s growth accelerated, so did the administrative burden of onboarding new teammates, and the Ops team spent 40+ hours per month on onboarding logistics alone. The People Ops team knew that in order to scale with the company, they needed to automate parts of the onboarding process and deliver a consistent employee experience.

Their key concerns were:

  • Gaining visibility into a new hire’s progress
  • Improving ease of setup, onboarding process, and maintenance
  • Automating workflows within Sapling
  • Integrating onboarding system with other HR applications


The People Ops team at Zapier needed to automate the onboarding process to focus on the employee experience, ensure a short ramp-up time, and retain top talent as the company grew.

Zapier learned about Kallidus through a recommendation from a People Operations leader discussing their success implementing Sapling at Invision. Upon researching Kallidus, the Operations team at Zapier saw that their customers included Compass and DigitalOcean, both of whom also had distributed teams. Additionally, as users of Greenhouse, BambooHR, and GSuite, Kallidus was a natural choice because of its built-in integrations with these apps.

The People Operations team at Zapier selected Sapling as their onboarding platform to deliver detailed, customizable, and personalized workflow management, along with robust dashboards for increased people visibility.

Sapling not only had the capabilities and deep integrations Zapier was looking for, but Saplings team also provided fast and efficient implementation. Their Kallidus customer success representative, Stephanie, “Didn’t hesitate to spend time with us to get the integrations to work exactly how we wanted. Kallidus’ entire success team was very responsive, and the interface is easy to use so we had no trouble setting up workflows,” says Meghan Gezo, a People Business Partner at Zapier.



Sapling helps Zapier become even more efficient and save 480+ hours on manual processes a year. Cross-departmental communication is now automated, and the hiring and onboarding processes are less time-consuming.

Using Sapling deep connectivity with Greenhouse, BambooHR, and G-Suite, the Zapier onboarding team coordinates streamlined onboarding and manages all of Zapier’s new hires from a single dashboard.

The Zapier onboarding team makes heavy use of Sapling workflow automation engine, building out 30-60-90-day onboarding plans dedicated to each department and to functions within differing roles, giving the team the ability to mix-and-match workflows for a custom new-hire experience. During onboarding, new employees receive new information each week (pre-assigned in Sapling) to ensure they have a consistent process and are set up for success.

Sapling takes the onboarding process easier for hiring managers too, providing the ability to check in on a new hire in Sapling to view their progress, and giving managers a set of tasks to complete for their new hires.

Here is what Zapier accomplished and achieves with Sapling:

  • Implemented Sapling successfully in under one month
  • Integrated Sapling with existing tech stack, including Google and BambooHR
  • Delivers new hire information from Greenhouse into Sapling to reduce manual data entry and minimize human error
  • Empowers managers to ramp up new-hires and created automated onboarding workflows
  • Enables triggered notifications and reminders across multiple departments, locations, and stakeholders to support new hire success from day one
  • Improves collaboration and communication across teams for hiring managers

So what’s next for Zapier? They plan to hire at least 200 new employees this year, and all of them will ramp up in 90 days via their automated Sapling workflows.

“Once we assign a workflow, we know new hires will have access to the information they need when they need it, which makes for a smooth onboarding process without a lot of heavy lifting.”

Ashley Priebe Brown, Senior Onboarding Specialist at Zapier.

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