Applicant Tracking System

Hire better people, faster with Kallidus Recruit. Built to provide a seamless recruitment experience from start to finish.

Designed for in-house recruitment teams, Kallidus Recruit gives full visibility of every part of the recruitment journey.

Recruit better people, faster

Every instance of Kallidus Recruit is built to fit your process and recruitment strategy. Recruit gives you the tools you need to be the destination of choice for potential applicants whilst going above and beyond what you would expect from an Applicant Tracking System.

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Perfect for in-house recruitment

Loved by our customers

Independently Reviewed

We’ve designed Kallidus Recruit to solve your recruitment problems, that’s why it consistently gets 5 stars from independent online reviews about its ease of use, functionality and quality of support. 

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“The self scheduling facility is amazing! Saves us a lot of time from having to schedule candidates for their interview. Layout is also great and very easy to use. Candidates can apply through their mobile device as the site is set up for this.”

“From initial contact to placing our contract via tender with Kallidus the support has been outstanding. The initial contact with the Team was very open and honest and not in any way ‘salesy’. Kallidus have delivered on everything they promised in a timely manner – The whole experience has felt like a partnership rather than Client/Supplier”

“Knowing that most of our candidates apply by mobile, we wanted a solution that would enable us to fulfil this experience in the best way possible. We felt that Kallidus Recruit gave us the best mobile experience, with some great features for candidates. A nice looking dashboard has helped with easily accessible metrics on time and cost per hire which we were not able to do before.”

“Really good experience from customer service to consulting to pricing. All clear, affordable and able to deploy what we needed (configurable small system) in days. Would use again for sure.”

“The functions are very useful, user-friendly and simple to tell / show another person how to use it. Does near enough everything we need.”

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From application to first day and beyond

Kallidus Recruit supports the entire recruitment cycle


  • Bulk email and SMS for candidate engagement campaigns

  • Organise candidates en-masse for volume campaigns

  • Add candidates to your talent pool for future roles

  • Optional killer questions during application stage

  • Automated emails for approval/rejection

Candidate Experience

  • Careers portal designed for mobile

  • Intelligent job alerts

  • Email and SMS integration

  • Self-scheduled interviews

Hiring Managers

  • Dedicated mobile hiring manager portal

  • Full requisition and approval process management

  • Visibility of candidate progress

  • Candidate Screening


  • Right to work and background screening checks

  • Auto-generate MS Word and PDF documents and contracts

  • Customisable onboarding platform for candidates

  • Email campaign management

  • Kallidus Learn integration for pre-start eLearning

Recruitment Analytics

  • Candidate Source Tracking

  • Instant Dashboard Reporting

  • Full in-depth analytics suite

  • Report on any field in Kallidus Recruit


  • Unique agency management portal

  • Agency cost tracking

  • Fully manage your Preferred Supplier List

  • Offer roles to agencies at the click of a button

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