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Portman Dental Care

The challenge

Portman Dental Care is an award-winning group of private dental practices. Founded 10 years ago, it has 91 practices across the UK. Its growth strategy is driven by continued investment in technology and people. The group plans to expand its foothold by acquiring around 40 practices each year and transforming these into specialist treatment centres offering new services. Recruiting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, is critical to its success.

Private dental care is a growing market, fuelled by the rise of cosmetic dentistry and consumer demand for high-quality healthcare services. Portman Dental Care needed an in-house applicant tracking system to support its ambitious growth plans and implemented market-leading solution, Recruit, last year.


The right solution

Portman Dental Care was looking for a robust web-based system that would enable its geographically dispersed recruitment team to manage the growing volume of job applications it receives and have full visibility of every part of the recruitment journey, from job posting to onboarding, from anywhere in the country.

Following an extensive review of the marketplace, Recruit was selected from a final shortlist of three companies.


Speeding up workflows and achieving greater visibility

Recruit is helping Portman Dental Care’s recruitment team to manage vacancies and the associated workflow more effectively. The team have empowered 130 hiring managers to handle requisitions to support the growth of the business. And with the introduction of GDPR, the company is now able to manage data in a much more secure way than before.


“We are delighted that Recruit has helped us to speed up the workflow associated with our recruitment process and has given us greater visibility of the candidate pipeline. We acquired 30 practices in 2018 and we would have fallen over without Recruit in place to help us cope with the sheer volume of job applications we handle.” – Darren Casey, Head of Recruitment for Portman Dental Care.


Portman Dental Care has three main streams of applicants. It manages high-volume recruitment for Practice positions such as dental nurses, receptionists and practice managers, all the head office recruitment for Marketing, HR etc., as well as managing the recruitment of dentists, orthodontists and other specialist practitioners. Recruit enables the company to manage these three streams in different ways, ensuring the positions are filled quickly and effectively, with the best people.


“We are now able to provide a much more seamless recruitment experience from start to finish and interact with potential candidates from the moment they send us a CV all the way through the recruitment journey. Thanks to our system’s ability to automate parts of the recruitment process we can respond more quickly to applicants and reject people who are not suited to the roles in a more timely manner for volume recruitment campaigns.” – Darren Casey, Head of Recruitment for Portman Dental Care.


A further benefit of Recruit is its Talent Banking functionality. Even with GDPR Portman Dental Care has been able to realise significant value from its database by storing the details of potential applications for future vacancies. Dentists are always looking at advancing their careers and the Talent Banking functionality has become a valuable tool for sourcing and nurturing future talent.


Using data and analytics to drive business growth

Now that the system is up and running and Darren’s recruitment team is in place, Darren will be turning his focus to making full use of the system’s powerful analytics and reporting functionality in 2019.


“When we purchased Recruit we wanted a way to manage data and a way to report in real-time. From what I can see from the system the reporting looks very comprehensive and intuitive so I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can use the wealth of reporting information to help us plan and manage our recruitment processes even more effectively, to support the long-term growth of our business. We’re delighted with the system and with the great service Kallidus provided.” – Darren Casey, Head of Recruitment for Portman Dental Care.

“Recruit is a very competitive user-friendly product and visually its dashboard looks much nicer than other systems. Given that the best systems in the marketplace offer similar features and functionality, ultimately it was the strength and expertise of the Kallidus team that set the company apart. We wanted a partner we could rely on for every step of the journey and Kallidus impressed us with their knowledge, commitment and post-implementation support. The team really helped us to think about what we want to achieve and how we can do that with our new system. The implementation went very smoothly, the support was second to none, and we now have an easy-to-use system that feels like it has been built for our organisation.”

Darren Casey, Head of Recruitment for Portman Dental Care.

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