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International Women’s Day: How Kallidus celebrates and supports women

A day to celebrate women’s political, socio-economic, and cultural achievements while raising awareness about the inequalities women still face to this day, International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March and is becoming ever more widely celebrated across the world.

With over a century of recognising International Women’s Day, it’s important to take the time to champion the successes of women, honouring those who have paved the way and broken barriers for other women around the world.

COVID-19 may have paused the annual #March4Women event in London and the Women of the World festival this year, but there are still ways to get involved and advocate for equality. From dedicated IWD online events to donating to female-focused charities, you can still do your bit to help amplify the movement and celebrate the women in your life.

Where did it all begin?

The catalyst came in 1908 when over 15,000 women garment workers went on strike and marched New York City’s streets. Working in intolerable conditions, they demanded shorter hours, voting rights, increased pay, and better working conditions.

The successful strikes lasted until February 1910 and resulted in the “Protocol of Peace”. This protocol improved working conditions, enforced better pay and reduced working hours.

One year later, National Women’s Day was created to honour the NYC strikes by the Socialist Party of America, which would later become the foundation for International Women’s Day.

German campaigners, and socialists Clara Zetkin and Luise Zietz called for the creation of an annual, international women’s day in 1911 and what started as a radical socialist movement, is now a day of celebration, empowering women around the globe.

How does Kallidus celebrate and support women?

We pride ourselves on hiring, developing and nurturing talented people across the business, believing strongly that a positive workplace is key to a successful company. From flexible working policies to supportive environments, Kallidus continues to support and empower women in business.

Celebrating rising stars

“I joined Kallidus in 2014 and have worked in a variety of customer-facing roles, including first-line support, as a programme coordinator and I’m now Head of Customer Support.

During my time at Kallidus I have taken as many opportunities to learn, develop, and contribute as possible. With this mindset, I have been involved in many cross-functional projects and been offered further opportunities. I have been empowered to make decisions, assess risks and have been supported and trusted whether things have gone to plan or not.

As my experience has grown, I have continued to live by these principles and aim to instil them in our next generation.” – Tilly Martin, Head of Customer Support

Supporting flexible working

“As a Digital Marketing Manager and a mother, finding the balance of holding down a career whilst raising two young children has had its stresses and strains!

For years I would feel guilty about how little time I was spending with my children. I felt like I was continually rushing them, and Monday to Friday, they would only know me as someone hurriedly trying to get them ready for childcare; or getting them fed and bathed before bed. Spending an hour in the car commuting either side of my working day seemed hugely frustrating.

This is my first fully remote role; Kallidus are one of the trailblazers who have discovered how this new way of working can be advantageous to them, and I am impressed at how they have made such swift changes. Flexible working means happier staff, lower costs and greater productivity. It’s good for people and it’s good for business.

For me personally, it has changed my life. I am no longer wasting two hours commuting when I could be dropping my son at school two mins from my front door. I am less stressed and able to work more productively, focusing on what I need to accomplish, and I am even more determined to help Kallidus achieve its’ goals. When you feel supported by the business, you definitely want to give even more back.” – Helen Larkin, Digital Marketing Manager

Investing in future graduates

I graduated in summer 2020 with a degree in Law from Cardiff University and was drawn to Kallidus for its strong graduate sales programme. Joining a new company – as a recent graduate and in the middle of a pandemic – should have been a daunting experience.

But this could not be further from the truth when it comes to Kallidus; from the moment I joined the company I was given a warm welcome by the entire team, it was immediately clear how the culture of support is nurtured here.

Everyone’s successes are celebrated in equal measure and the sense of collaboration demonstrates how true the company are to their values. Everyone is quick to help whenever us newbies have any questions, no one is ever too busy to help.

I look forward to offering the same warm welcome to any future team members with the same level of enthusiasm and collaboration. Thank you to Kallidus for making my first post-grad an amazing one! – Lauren Tennant, Business Development Executive

If you want to be a part of a growing team full of ambitious, talented people, explore our current job vacancies and get in touch to find out more!

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Written by Mara Swann

Mara has a passion for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion across global workplaces and hopes to inspire learners to focus on their own careers with self-directed learning content.


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