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Still working from home? Here’s how it’s impacting your learning

Thinking back to over two years ago, how different was your working day? For many of us, working from home seemed rather impossible – seriously, how could we really be productive being in our own home rather than the office? Many of us hadn’t worked a day at home in our lives. Some didn’t even have laptops!

Well, 2020 happened. We left the office and began working from home, albeit some of us in pyjamas and from bed but, well, it was a different time then (don’t judge us). And whilst some people thrived, others couldn’t wait to get back to the office. Why was the transition to WFH so easy for some? Could the fact that L&D became a ‘need-to-have’ within organisations as a way of bridging the skills gap have helped? And how did this impact our learning?

Why are people still working from home?

Whether you love it or hate it, WFH helped us get through the pandemic. And for many, remote work provided so many opportunities. Long gone were the dreaded commutes (traffic jams re not for us) and the extreme costs that came with it. Especially in this cost-of-living crisis, people can cut back on a few costs, which can make the world of a difference. With less money stress, your people are happier and more fulfilled in their roles. Working from home also provided people with greater autonomy and flexibility over their working lives, creating a better work-life balance. Having more control over your work allows you to focus on your personal life when necessary. A dog walk at lunch? Ready in time for that 5:30 pm yoga class? It’s all possible. In fact, 68% of workers have stated that they’re more productive at home than in the office as there are fewer interruptions. Okay, we may miss some of these distractions but with hybrid working and team days, we now get the best of both worlds. And what about learning?

We finally have the time

What was your commute like? Maybe a short walk to the office? Or an hour stuck on the train? Either way, it’s still a commute and dead time. With WFH, you gain that time back. Whether you use it for hobbies, personal development, or even just extra sleep, it makes such a difference! People find they can undertake more training when working remotely, meaning they’re reaching their development goals faster, and learning so much more than before. We’ve talked about how self-led learning is on the rise, and it’s partly because people are now motivated to learn because they have the time.

eLearning became the norm

When the world resorted to online meetings (and the occasional quiz), so did our learning. eLearning has been the most successful tool in supporting learning while working remotely, with 70% of women and 62% of men agreeing. It makes sense! We’re so used to watching videos and completing tasks on laptops, why would our learning be any different? It’s not just how we learn, but the time it takes to complete it. Half of learners find it easier to fit online learning into their working day. And they’re not wrong: your people are more likely to engage and retain material online than in a classroom because eLearning requires around 50% less learning time. So, in the same amount of time, your people could get double the amount of learning completed. Less faff = increased engagement. Looking to increase engagement? Our LMS, Learn, can provide you with a learning platform that enables easy access to eLearning that can be continuously tracked.

Development plans are being overlooked

Despite the positives, this year’s Learner Survey Report saw that one of the biggest impacts of remote working on career progression was performance reviews. 43% of learners felt performance reviews are not as frequent or as effective as they used to be. And performance reviews are important! They’re a great way for your people to reflect on their work and how they want their careers to progress. It also allows you to give them the feedback they need to support them on their development journey. Without performance reviews, motivation can slack, and productivity is at a loss. Is the remote world holding your performance reviews back? With performance management software, reviews have never been easier. Perform enables you to continuously monitor performance throughout the year, provide feedback, and goal tracking, and allow you to create flexible reviews.

People are happier and more productive

Overall, remote and hybrid working has allowed people to have a better work-life balance, allowing them to enjoy work but also enjoy their own time. The more relaxed your people are, the less stressed they will be, which leads to happy workers! And happier workers are likely to be more motivated and productive, wanting to focus on their career development and progression. Seeing results in their development will make your people more satisfied in their roles and they’ll be more likely to commit to you long-term. For better or worse, remote working has impacted our learning. But we’ve done pretty well considering! It’s all a learning process and it was never going to be figured out straight away but with the correct management tools, you can build a successful remote learning world for your people.   Want to find out how to improve your L&D strategy to help engage and retain your people? Download the learner survey report today.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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