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5 simple ways to build a world-class employee experience

So, you’re in the ‘people business’ – you either love it or hate it, am I right?

Chances are, if you’ve landed here, you probably love working with people, want to make sure everyone is thriving, and are ready to give employees the best experience possible.

But where do you start?

Everyone is different. Individuals have specific needs. How can you please everyone?!

You’ve every right to feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry – with our 5 simple tips, your business will be bossing the employee experience in no time.


We cannot stress this enough.

If you don’t know where to start, or you’re not sure what people want from their employee experience. Ask them!

Send out a survey like this one:

“Hey peeps/colleagues/wonderful folk,

We want to upgrade your employee experience. Tell us:

  • What would make you happy at work?
  • Is there anything we do right now that frustrates you?
  • What could we be doing more of?
  • Are you happy with your work/life balance? If not, state below.
  • Any other comments? Send them our way!”

However you best communicate with your teams, opening this channel is vital.

Open communication must come from both sides. You ask, employees respond. You then must listen. Show employees how you’re adapting their experience based on feedback.

As a bonus, organisations that communicate more effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain employees.


Birthdays, new homes, parenthood, religious holidays, awareness days, mental health weeks, Black History month, all of it.

Some employees might like a birthday card and no fuss. Others might want a cake, confetti, everyone singing, and fireworks. Find a balance.

The act of celebrating is an ancient ritual. Celebrating special days, accomplishments, or even something minuscule makes us feel good as human beings.

So, bring this into the workplace.


Whether your business has 10 or 1000 employees, you’ll want them all to have a seamless employee experience, from hello to goodbye.

Can a 1-person HR team ensure this AND do their full-time job? It’s unlikely.

A Human Resource Information System, like Sapling, is a seamless, easy-to-use, bung-it-all-in-the-oven HR platform.

What does it return? A lovely baked cake – well, if a lovely baked cake meant the same as a consistent, efficient HR experience for everyone in the business (whether they’re remote or in the office) to enjoy!

The perfect HRIS will make any HR professional’s life that much easier.

Think: automated emails, endless reports, saving onboarding and offboarding time, streamlined HR processes, and the beauty of having online documents.


2 in 5 UK employees are looking to leave their current job in the next 12 months.


To learn more and progress their careers.

Some employee experiences are seriously lacking professional development, and clearly, if 2 in 5 people are looking to leave to learn more – the proof really is in the pudding.

People are becoming more engaged with workplace learning and taking control of their professional development. In fact, 2 in 3 UK workers are practising self-led learning.

53% of employees are most excited about a more personalised digital learning experience.

71% of UK learners are engaged most by video content and eLearning.

If you’re not already pushing the importance of L&D at work, there’s never been a better time. Plus, with an award-winning LMS under our belt (with an abundance of content to go with it), we know a thing or two about what learners really want.

What’s more, Learn isn’t just somewhere to host eLearning courses. You can track classroom, social, and blended learning, host webinars, and even report how digital learning is transforming the workforce.


Unless employees feel like they’re really part of the team – why would they invest their full potential?

Employees aren’t satisfied with just a salary anymore.

Recognition is one of the top reasons employees are happy within their jobs. 69% of employees say they’d work even harder if they were better appreciated.

Teamwork provides the opportunity to work more efficiently, coherently, and generate more amazing ideas than working alone.

Employees who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64% longer than their lone-working peers, whilst also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue and higher success rates.

Psst – here’s a special Employee Experience eBook with your name on it…

Find even more ways to build a strong employee experience, plus learn how to accurately measure and report on employee analytics.

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Written by Mara Swann

Mara has a passion for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion across global workplaces and hopes to inspire learners to focus on their own careers with self-directed learning content.


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