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4 ways AI can impact learning engagement

4 ways AI can impact learning engagement in the workplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are nothing new in the average life of the modern learner. From the algorithms that sort the order of your Facebook News Feed to the recommendation engines that suggest what you may like to watch on Netflix, personalisation and AI are naturally integrated into our lives.

So, what is the place of AI in workplace learning? Before we get to the nitty gritty, let’s clarify a couple of things.

What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

AI is the umbrella term that machine learning fits into. In this sense, machine learning is a type of AI. AI typically functions as a set of rules (also called algorithms), often set to respond in set ways to specific situations or actions. Machine learning is more specific, tailoring its responses to the data it is provided.

In essence, machine learning is a form of AI that adapts according to the information it is given. So the more information it processes, the more accurate its output will be.

What does AI have to do with workplace learning?

This is where your Learning Management System (LMS) comes in. AI and machine learning are generating a lot of buzz in the learning technology industry and for good reason. Your LMS can use AI and machine learning to generate personalised learning paths for your employees, recommending additional courses in the same way Netflix recommends new TV shows or films.

Now, let’s look a little closer at the impact AI and machine learning can have on your organisation’s learning engagement levels and how it’s achieved.

How do AI and machine learning impact learning engagement?
1. Personalises the learning experience

From email subjects to the order of your News Feed to adverts on YouTube videos, personalisation is what we’ve come to expect from our digital lives. Sometimes, we may not even realise it is there but the largest tech companies in the world make the most of personalisation to increase engagement with their specific platform.

Workplace learning and LMSs are no exception. Based on a series of metrics including an employee’s current learning record, the types of learning they’ve previously engaged with, and what others with similar profiles have completed, the AI within an LMS, such as Kallidus Learn, can then recommend additional pieces of eLearning that your employee may enjoy. Simply due to its relevance, this personalised approach is much more likely to encourage your employees to click through into an additional piece of eLearning.

2. Encourages a culture of continuous learning

A culture of continuous learning is highly sought after in the world of L&D. A natural practice for many outside of the workplace, with increasing numbers of modern workers choosing to learn new skills on a regular basis, utilising AI is a great way to encourage this attitude to learning at work. YouTube once again is a fantastic example here, as tutorials are one of the most prominently subscribes channels and watched videos on the platform.

The want to learn continuously is already there in many of your workers. The use of AI and machine learning within your LMS simply facilitates that desire to learn within the workplace itself. The personalised recommendations prompt curiosity, especially when related to the particular topic they are already learning about, and provide an easy route to further learning.

3. Provides more relevant training

By recommending courses based on learning history and a variety of other factors, AI and machine learning contribute to a hugely increased relevance in course material. AI can also be used in some cases to link to objectives and performance monitoring. Personal and career development are huge motivators for modern workers and using this technology to recommend training that will help to push your employees where they need to go is a fantastic way to increase engagement.

In our definitive guide to boosting learning engagement we looked at the importance of feeling valued and heard within an organisation. Personalisation and relevant learning within your LMS are great ways to ensure your employees are trained according to their needs as well as the overall needs of the organisation.

4. Helps your employees upskill independently

Tying back to the culture of continuous learning, upskilling is a part of our everyday lives already. Whether someone is looking up a recipe online or watching an information YouTube series about clinical psychology, the internet has provided us with all of the tools we need to progress and learn whenever and wherever we want to. Your LMS shouldn’t be any different.

With all of this anytime, anywhere access to information, your employees may ask “how is this better than Google or YouTube?”. AI and machine learning allow your learning systems to stay one step ahead of the learning experience. Not only is your LMS specialised and tailored to the needs of your organisation and workplace-specific learning, with AI and machine learning integrated into the system, this learning is going to allow and encourage your workforce to upskill themselves in a way that benefits everyone.


AI, and more specifically machine learning, is an incredibly exciting development within learning technologies. You can harness this to boost engagement, encourage self-directed learning, and empower your employees to take control of their own professional development. Increasing learning engagement is the dream for most L&D departments, and learning technologies will only continue in the direction of innovation to drive engagement and allow workplace training to work for you.

Want to know more about Kallidus Learn’s latest ventures into the world of AI? Get an exclusive sneak peek at our newest functionality with a demo from one of our experts.

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Written by Claire Moloney

Claire is an enthusiastic and meticulous content writer whose passion is to support growth and continual learning for everyone.


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