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An exceptional experience is what you deserve

With Kallidus, you are our priority. From your first touch point to post-launch, we are there for you every step of the way.

Your people success is our business.

Whatever your goals – and however you measure success – Kallidus supports you every step of the way. Buying and implementing an LMS is a challenge, but when you’re partnered with Kallidus, feel confident knowing you’ll receive an exceptional experience throughout the journey.

It's Time You Try


With readiness assessments and our dedicated pre-sales team, feel fully confident that you’ll begin your journey knowing your exact L&D needs and success measures. Education is at the heart of Kallidus, which is why The Academy, our forever-free learning platform, is there to set you up for success from the start.

Give us 5 minutes and we'll set you on an accelerated path to success!


No question goes unanswered. Every implementation has taught us something. We turn those lessons into learning experiences and offer them back to you.  Our Implementation team is with you at every stage to ensure your confidence.

Go team! Our implementation recently won Best Learning Platform Implementation at LT2023!


Our dedication to you is our promise. With our Customer Support team on hand 24 hours a day, contextual support model, and forever-free learning platform, The Academy, our continual commitment to you is an exceptional experience.

The Academy will quickly become one of your #favoritethings

We are always there for you

No matter where you are in your journey, your Kallidus team is there with you.

Discovery: Start Here

How do you know what you are ready for until you have a baseline understanding of where you are? Discover your starting point with our readiness assessment.

Why Kallidus Flowchart

The Implementation Journey

We have all the steps now it’s time to get you to dance. Bring your team together and let’s kick things off on the right (or left) foot.

5 Star Dedication

From The Knowledgebase to The Academy to the Customer Education Manager who works alongside you, you’ll always feel like a star with Kallidus.

“The reality is that what we do, is the best we can to help customers on their journey to success.”

Tilly Martin, Global Head of Customer Operations at Kallidus, said this. Why? Because it’s true. Our customers are our priority, your goals become our goals, and making you successful is what we strive for.

Become part of The Kallidus Experience.