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Enhancing learning & development in the construction industry with Kallidus

Learn how HHHunt’s switch to Kallidus Learn LMS and Perform impacted compliance rates and learner engagement.

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HHHunt, a leader in the construction industry, has been facing the universal challenge of talent development and retention. With a diverse workforce and a complex business model that spans real estate development, construction, property management, and more, the company needed a robust solution to streamline its learning and development (L&D) initiatives.

The Challenge

The construction sector is undergoing a significant transformation, grappling with the ‘war on talent’ and the need for continuous skill development. HHHunt’s frontline workers, often from diverse linguistic backgrounds and with varying levels of managerial training, required a structured approach to learning that could cater to their unique needs.
Like many compliance-driven businesses, ensuring the completion of essential training is non-negotiable—it must be done. However, anyone in the L&D space knows that achieving 100% compliance on time is a massive undertaking.

HHHunt lost time and productivity by chasing employees to complete training and compiling data from numerous training channels to report on that training. Based on the size and scope of their work, the company reviews training completion by functional area; however, it holds every functional area accountable to a 95% compliance rate and has every team member — organization-wide — complete at least one elective learning experience. This program called “Plus One,” comprises corporate and frontline workers. More than half of HHHunt’s workers use mobile phones to reach these goals.

Kallidus Solution

Kallidus’ Learn LMS emerged as the technology partner for HHHunt, offering flexible and automated learning and performance management systems that aligned with the company’s vision. The mobile-friendly platform’s layered learning requirements and automated course assignments, fed directly from the HR system, significantly reduced administrative overhead. But that’s only the beginning.

HHHunt believes that Learn LMS’ dashboards provide the transparency needed for business units to see their performance, become competitive in achieving goals, and ultimately reach the company’s desired level of compliance. Managers and learners see real-time dashboards, receive notifications when training is upcoming or overdue, and can make development assignments in the system to help encourage learning.

However, the dashboards are only as good as the data flowing into them. With Kallidus, HH Hunt can account for any training, regardless of the format or source. The ability to pull data from other training sources and allow learners to add learning experiences from other training sources has been a true driver of the learning culture at HHHunt and a major timesaver for admins.

Regarding business objectives, the L&D team is confident that the partnership with Kallidus and the ease of use of the platforms have kept retention at bay during a volatile time. Executive sponsorship of continuous development has resulted in financial incentives for consuming more learning, incentivizing employees to know their career paths, and investing their time in developing toward advancement.

The Outcomes

Outside of general happiness for how the L&D function has progressed with Kallidus , HHHunt has seen results:

  • Improved Compliance Training: Compliance training tends to be the primary reason for growing companies to discover how a learning management system can support their improvement. This was the case for HH Hunt. With Kallidus, HHHunt achieved near-perfect compliance training and reporting, enabling clear visibility for managers and learners alike. While some business units barely achieved 70% compliance, now they are all achieving the company’s goal of 95%.
  • Increased Learner Engagement: Kallidus’ dashboard feature easily allowed learners to distinguish between mandatory and elective courses, fostering a culture of continuous learning. This generated a request from non-L&D leaders to push their employees to complete elective learning. HH Hunt’s L&D team set a goal to have every team member complete at least one elective learning experience. In 2023, less than a year after implementing Kallidus, 99% of employees had achieved this, and the team believes 100% is possible in 2024.
  • Career Pathways: Providing opportunities for professional development is key to cultivating strong employee retention rates. The HH Hunt teams believed that the Kallidus Learn and Perform platform has been driven to stabilize retention rates through the most aggressive phases of the war on talent. Kallidus’ capabilities have facilitated the development of clear career paths within the apartment living sector, with plans to extend this across the company. Self-directed learning, a use case of maturing L&D functions, shifts the learning from the L&D function to the learners. Employees help identify the skills needed to do their jobs and identify what development opportunities are required to advance. HH Hunt is progressing with the use case, which clearly indicates that they are maturing as a learning organization.
  • Healthy Competition: Reporting features have spurred healthy team competition, driving compliance and elective learning participation rates. Further, integrating learning outcomes with bonus structures has incentivized leaders to champion L&D initiatives. Reporting was not solely responsible for the shift. Because Kallidus allows content to be uploaded from anywhere and added to the LMS, HHHunt employees had the flexibility to learn independently and still earn credit for their learning. Any learning experience added to the LMS was included in dashboards and reports to give HH Hunt a clear picture of learner engagement throughout the company.

HHHunt is looking forward to continuing down the path of self-directed learning by leveraging Kallidus Perform for personal development plans, further embedding a culture of learning and development that aligns with career progression within the company.

To be continued….


Virginia, US

Real estate development, apartment living, new home construction, and planned communities

500 - 999

Effectively reaching frontline and corporate learners with compliance and elective learning

Learn LMS plus Perform provide transparency and accessible learning

Business Result
Achieving compliance goals and shifting toward elective learning wins

"Whether they went to a seminar, they read a book, they watched a webinar....Kallidus Learn LMS lets them get credit for it."

Kenny Holley, HHHunt on Learner Engagement with Kallidus

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