The Research

We analyzed 200+ sales qualified buyer conversations.

We verified the findings with  practitioners in a L&D research study.

We took the data to our internal team of L&D  practitioners.

We designed a readiness curve to help buyers get it right.

Why do companies need an LMS?


Elective learning and development

Manager Advocacy (Performance)

Self-directed learning

Learning generated infrastructure

What do L&D practitioners expect from an LMS?

Features that match their use case and business objectives

An easy-to-use, intuitive user experience

An aesthetically, pleasing interface

A proven implementation process

Ongoing support and customer education

Why companies become dissatisfied with their LMS?

The platform is “too clunky” and “not intuitive”

There is a lack of integration with other systems

The current LMS can’t scale with growth

The platform can’t accommodate changes in business or use case

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