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The foundations of success

To satisfy any use case, these foundational elements must be in place and become more deeply rooted as the use case shifts toward learner-led. Click on any topic below to learn more about a foundational element.

Stakeholder Engagement
Identify, engage with, collect insights, and keep informed the people who will help reach the outcomes defined for your use case.
Needs Assessment
Identify business objectives, understand the learners (user population), identify skill and knowledge gaps, and identify and align learning outcomes to business objectives.
Learning Outcomes
Identify the outcomes for your learning programs and articulate how these outcomes impact business objectives.
Integration, Data, and Governance
Identify what other systems need to work with your LMS, the data that need to go into and come out of your LMS, the levels of accessibility required for your learners, and how you want to maintain your LMS.
System Capability
Understand the system requirements so that there are no surprises during implementation. This typically requires a partnership with IT.
Communication Strategies
Create a tone of voice, a cadence, and a channel strategy to ensure that all key stakeholders receive information about the launch of the LMS, the content release plan, required tasks and progress.
Resource Availability
Know who will support your LMS, your budget implementing and building your LMS, and the timeframes required to reach your outcomes.
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