The Kallidus Readiness Curve

The Kallidus Readiness Curve will help you to right-size your learning technology based on your use case. Each use case is a building block for the next.

Top 5 Use Cases for an LMS

Safe and legal

Learners and the organization are in full compliance (required training is completed on time) when measured against basic legislative needs/governance.

Elective learning and development

Your employees participate in optional learning that is typically ‘out of the box’, curated by L&D, and positioned to enhance their career paths.

Manager advocacy

The employee and manager work in sync with L&D and the tools used for performance improvement. Learning becomes personalized and linked to growth and promotion.

Self-directed learning 

Learners proactively seek learning opportunities and are rewarded by the business for attaining skills aligned to business goals.

Learner generated 

Learners independently follow and create their own learning pathways. They are creating content and sharing with others. 

Where are you?

To build a learning culture that is mature enough to have learners generate (create and recommend) content, companies must solidify the basics. It is essential for companies to create a system where required training is completed consistently, where elective learning is tied to performance, and where managers are involved in the learning process.

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